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We drove up to my in-laws in Sheridan, Oregon (10 hours up I-5) for the eclipse. We had totality for a little over a minute. Being the well prepared guy that I am I neglected to bring a filter for my camera, and I missed shots as the moon moved across the sun. My longest lens was a 50-100mm Sigma, so I had to rely on cropping to get the larger images.


A quick shot as the eclipse approached totality (not that you could tell without a filter) and the sky began to darken:

My in-laws have yellowjackets (lots of fruit trees) and as the sky began to darken these guys began to set down:

Got a couple of shots at totality:

Also got a shot of the Diamond Effect as the period of totality began to pass:

I took the tripod, but didn't use it; it was a balance between trying to get some images, while also enjoying the overall experience. We could see some of the brighter stars, and the temperature dropped several degrees during totality. All in all, a very cool experience.

Has Trump actually signed the Russia sanctions bill?

All this smoke from Putin about Russian retaliation, but has Trump actually signed the legislation?

My understanding is that Trump has 10 days (excluding Sundays) to return either a signed bill or a veto; if he takes no action, the legislation becomes law automatically.
This seems to be the way it works if Congress is in session; however, while the Senate is still in session, the House is out for summer break.

What happens in this situation?

Pardon my lack of understanding of how this all works. I did look at Wikipedia for info on the process, but didn't see this particular scenario addressed (I admit I only skimmed the article). Does the Senate call the House back into session if a vote is required to override a possible veto?

So much confusion on my part on what is probably a pretty straightforward process...
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