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madamesilverspurs's Journal
madamesilverspurs's Journal
April 17, 2012

Moisture Today Worse than that of the Dust Bowl Era;

Moisture Today Worse than that of the Dust Bowl Era; conditions conjure memories of those times

That's the headline of the lead article in today's local newspaper.

And here in northeast Colorado the effing frackers STILL have dibs on our water.

April 17, 2012

Just askin'...

I live in one of the swing states where we're likely to see the presidential candidates frequently in the coming months. I intend to carry this sign whenever I'm in the proximity of a Romney event, along with handouts that enumerate and source the many lies Romney tells.

April 16, 2012

For reals?

Just got off the phone with a family member in Washington State where they just had their caucuses. Apparently, the republicans attending caucus had to pay $5 and provide a photo ID in order to participate.

Mom, who's 92, quit driving years ago and would have had to pay upwards of $35 to get a photo ID to replace that long-expired driver license, just to attend a caucus for the party she's been an active member of for 70 years. Good thing she officially became an independent a couple of weeks ago.


April 15, 2012

"I teached you!"

We set up our table in the library, just inside the entrance. Voter registration.

As we were beginning to wonder if we'd get any takers, a thirty-something fellow approached the table with his two kids, a boy about 5 and a girl about 3. In broken English this young daddy asked if this is where he can register to vote. He broke out in a brilliant smile when we answered, "Yes".

"I am new," he said, "and I have been so excited to vote!"

While he was filling out the form, his son came and stood by me and pointed to himself. "Ali," he said. "Hello, Ali!" I answered. He laughed and jumped up and down, then pointed at me. "I teached you!" he boasted. "I teached you Arabic!"

"Well you certainly did, Ali!" His smile lit the whole room.

Daddy finished with the paperwork. "I am registered?"


"Thank you! Thank you!" as he and the kids took their books and movies to the check-out desk.

On their way out of the library they passed by our table, and once more Ali pointed and grinned, "I teached you!"

Oh, little Ali, you have no idea. And, yes, you certainly did.

Thank you.

April 14, 2012

Challenge accepted.

April 13, 2012

Words from the front.

A friend posted this on another forum. It's her response to the absurdity surrounding the Romney/Rosen dustup:

My mother stayed at home until I was seven, she went to work because our refrigerator was empty and we could not afford milk. I have no personal animosity towards Mrs Romney, but I doubt she ever spent the afternoon crying in her car, as my mother once did, because a child support check bounced and she wasn't sure how to make it through the month.

There is a "war" on motherhood in this country, according to a recent study two fifths of single mother families live in poverty, that is three times the poverty rate of other families. This war was not started by a pundit on some cable news network or the Democratic party, it is ongoing and led for the most part by folks who mouth the words "family values" and then lecture those less fortunate than them to "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps".

My mother pulled herself up by her own bootstraps and it was a long, sometimes thankless journey, I haven't forgotten the struggle, I haven't forgotten the stress that shortened her life. Fair warning to the GOP, I WILL remember her and all the women like her on November 6, 2012 and keeping them in my heart I will VOTE.

In honor of her mother, I share her words here.


April 13, 2012


April 12, 2012

Single mother, new to the neighborhood

She's roosting in an abandoned heron's nest from last year, about 60 feet up
in an old cottonwood tree along the Poudre River.

Friend took the photo this morning.

April 11, 2012

Historical Priebus

April 11, 2012

Relax, ladies!

Reince Priebus has just re-ASSerted that the war on women is fiction! Whew, what a relief! Glad to know that I've only imagined all that trans-vaginal ultrasound stuff and the republicans' refusal to extend the Violence Against Women Act and the languishing ERA and the republican legislators' efforts to redefine rape and and and and ...


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