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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 03:22 PM
Number of posts: 12,118

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Sean Hannity under investgation now also ??

BREAKING: A total of five GOP sources have now confirmed to @TheDemCoalition that GOP Reps Nunes and Rohrabacher are both under federal investigation.

GOP staffers have been instructed to stay away from them.

Listen to @Funder’s #DworkinReport on it below. https://dworkinreport.com/2018/06/13/gop-sources-claim-hannity-nunes-and-rohrabacher-are-under-federal-investigation/

Rachel Maddow And Lawrence O'Donnell Just Became The Top Two Shows On Cable TV

MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell were the most-watched shows on cable television on the day of Paul Manafort’s conviction and Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

Here are the Neilson ratings as provided to PoliticusUSA by MSNBC:

According to Nielsen data for Tuesday, August 21st, MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” was the most-watched program across all cable TV.

· For “Maddow,” Tuesday was the 2nd highest rated broadcast in total viewers in the show’s history.

· “Maddow” ranked #1 in total viewers across all cable TV.

· “Maddow” ranked #6 in total viewers across all broadcast TV.

· “Maddow” ranked #5 in A25-54 across all cable TV.

· “Maddow” won 9 pm in cable news across the board, beating FOX News and CNN in both A25-54 and total viewers.

“The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” was the #2 most-watched program across all cable TV, following “Maddow.”

· “The Last Word” ranked #2 in total viewers across all cable TV.

· “The Last Word” ranked #10 in total viewers across all broadcast TV.

· “The Last Word” won 10 pm in cable news across the board, beating FOX News and CNN in both A25-54 and total viewers.


Another APPRENTICE "Star" says Omarosa is right.Penn Jillette Says Trump 'Apprentice' Tapes Exist

Another APPRENTICE "Star" says Omarosa telling truth. Trump used "Bad" words! = Penn Jillette Says Trump 'Apprentice' Tapes Exist: "I Was in the Room"

~~~> "He would say racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable," the comic and magician said of Trump during their time on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'
Penn Jillette says he knows for a fact that Mark Burnett possesses tapes of Donald Trump saying disparaging, racist remarks while working on the NBC reality show Celebrity Apprentice.

Half of the magician duo Penn & Teller (appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012) recently told Vulture in an interview posted Tuesday that he is positive recordings exist because "I was in the room" when Trump would say "racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable."

The infamous tapes that have dogged Trump since his campaign are once again in the news after former White House staffer and reality star Omarosa Manigault Newman said she heard the tapes, which allegedly include Trump using the N-word during production of the NBC series, which he hosted.


I cry for my country. What oh what are they teaching their children?


Who thinks Sarah Sanders is an enemy of the people?!? pic.twitter.com/woBL4jIsAE

Posted by trueblue2007 | Fri Aug 3, 2018, 01:38 PM (5 replies)

TRUMP'S FAMILY and others. .... in deep doo doo #LockThemAllUp

Michael Cohen said "OTHER PEOPLE WERE AROUND" when he told about the Russian meeting. Don Jr, (I bet Ivanka, Jared, and others) and they told the senate investigators THEY KNEW NOTHING. They are in deep doo doo. They lied to Investigators !!!! CAN YOU SAY .... GO TO JAIL

TRUMP'S WOMEN ...... pregnancy ??? HERE IS WHAT Michael Avenatti says

Michael Avenatti
‏Verified account @MichaelAvenatti
11h11 hours ago

Breaking: Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016. They were also concerned about a pregnancy. Cohen has evidence and info in his possession and it must be released to the public. Now! #Basta

Hey, let's use the good ol' phrase ... LOCK HIM UP. Draft Dodger ??

Why didn't he serve? Why wasn't there an outcry to draft Donnie?

Rachel is HOT RIGHT NOW ..... Congress could hold investigations into ........

she has named about 15 actions that have happened since Donald Rump has become resident that need to be INVESTIGATED !!

Be sure to listen to the video once it come out. "There is stuff to do" ... "Your hands are not tied"
" You can stop bad stuff from happened".
"These investigations are NOT partisan"

SOMEONE NEEDS to "Santorum" Donald Trump on Google. Tump Traitor

whatever the genius did to fix google so when you GOOGLED Rick Santorum ... it came up with the butt stuff..... they need to do that for DONALD TRUMP.

Donald Trump = Traitor !!!

Who is with me. Fix Google !!!

Donald Trump = Traitor
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