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Trueblue1968's Journal
Trueblue1968's Journal
September 30, 2013

CHRIS MATTHEWS IS 10000% RIGHT. Don't give in President O.

the GOP & teaparty people will NOT do away with our healthcare. the GOP is holding the USA hostage.

Stand tall President Obama. We are behind you.

September 26, 2013

THIS VIDEO IS GOING VIRAL. i even heard it being mentioned yesterday.

i love it.

i wish i had the nerve to act like this!!! LOL, i would be "scared" of what people were thinking about me. Funny how I have lost my nerve to be wild and crazy. I'm not THAT old!!!!

September 3, 2013

Why doesn't my subscription end in NOVEMBER???

i started it Nov 14, 2012. I would like it stopped.

I may do a one time subscription at a later time. Thank you

August 21, 2013



This is Bruce. He is a nine year old JRT. He’s been growling at his own junk since he was a wee pup. Just short of the dog whisperer all other experts have no answers as to why he does what he does. He’s our special little guy.
July 14, 2013




Fox Blames President Obama for Zimmerman ...I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT but i heard them say it with my own ears. just now i was "channel surfing" and on FOX i heard that woman in pink say that it was PRESIDENT OBAMA'S FAULT. SHE SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS!!

"What's utterly ridiculous is where Fox's Geraldo and his fellow host Jeanine Pirro went next, which is to of course blame President Obama for this mess as well, because he dared to weigh in on the case when he said that if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon. He politicized the case! He forced them to take it up when it was obvious that Zimmerman wasn't guilty! Sorry, but no, President Obama did not force them to take up this case. Public pressure did along with the media attention the case received. And no one demanded that Zimmerman be found guilty. Just that he had his day in court.."

June 12, 2013

GLENN BECK is going NUTS again. Says a document will change the world. (it's toilet paper??)

Glenn Beck To Break News In 24 Hours That Will Rock the Nation, Take Down The Entire Power Structure
June 12, 2013
By Anomaly

Glenn Beck, who only just announced that his vocal cords are paralyzed, promised on today’s show that he will break news within 24 hours that will take down the GOP, the Democrats, and, ”this one document would take down pretty much the whole power structure, pretty much everything.” This is truly a miracle because earlier today we reported that Glenn Beck has lost his voice but apparently the right wing radio host’s vocal cords have become unparalyzed in just one day. (Yes I made the word up).

Beck claims that a whistleblower has handed over a document to The Blaze, but he is refusing to come forward until he can appear on television in front of Congress out of fear that he will otherwise be killed.

Beck said, “We are going to be greatly divided as a nation. In the next ten days and you are going to witness things in American history that have never been witnessed before.”

Right Wing Watch notes, “The last time Glenn Beck promised that he was about to blow the lid off of a scandal that was going to shake this nation to its core, the revelation turned out to an incoherent conspiracy theory that he ranted about for a week or two and then pretty much stopped talking about.” -


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