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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 03:22 PM
Number of posts: 15,941

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so many BAD posts in thread.... Arkansas Senate passes bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

the whole thread should be deleted.

please do it.... so many bad notes, people yelling, calling names.
abortion is a heart wrenching decision. please get rid of this now. thank you for your consideration and action

i just did my 5000 posts!!!! can we have a party?

this is really cool.

wow... WOW!!! 5 MORE NOTES and i have 5,000!!!

(4,992 posts)

i can't remember how long i've been here. long time. had an id before this one.
i post in different forums. not so much now. have ulnar nerve damage in left arm & hand and it hurts to type.
had elbow surgery and it still hurts like hell-o.



valentine's day is over but this is still a sweet picture. YOU GOT SOME RED CONSTRUCTION PAPER???

GO AHEAD........... make some hearts.

Cats Are Valentines

hope this picture gives you a smile.
happy friday.

GIVE hearts and GET hearts. self included??

well this is nice. i can give out 20 hearts. can I give one to myself? i have been through much this year and is only FEB

injury at my LEFT elbow and LEFT hand. it is ulnar nerve damage. i type 1 handed now. i pray everyday that my upper neck/ back (t7-c1) doesn't hurt again.
my 89 year old Aunt is failing, in and out of hospital. failing kidneys and has severe dementia. my cousin is her caregiver and is having heart problems now.

house problems: house is 38-40 years old. we have bad plumbing problems. pipes are bad, hot water heater is going out. toilet, bathtub and kitchen sink need replace.
need to replace entire deck on our houseboat. Arrrrrrrrrgh and our 12 year old truck (only transportation) is falling apart.
No money right now

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