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watching HOME ALONE for the first time this Holiday / Christmas season

Love, love love this movie,.

Anonymous going after The KKK After Threats Of ‘Lethal Force’ On Ferguson

Anonymous Takes The Hoods Off The KKK After Threats Of ‘Lethal Force’ On Ferguson Protesters

That didn’t go down well with Anonymous, so the loosely-knit Internet collective has responded in the best way possible, taking the hoods off of Klan members. The irony here is palpable. Anonymous members are masked while ripping the hoods off of Klan members who promise violence against protesters who are exercising their right to free speech.

KKK sites are being DDOSed, faces are exposed and the Klan’s 1-800 number is being trolled.

Read more: http://www.alan.com/2014/11/15/anonymous-takes-the-hoods-off-the-kkk-after-threats-of-lethal-force-on-ferguson-protesters/#ixzz3JABEcl41

huh?? SCOTUS Decides: As Obamacare Goes, So Goes Dark Money


But, when the Court denies millions of people their health care subsidies, they will also be putting an end to hundreds of millions of dollars of dark money that is infecting our elections. And, likely much else in our regulatory and tax system.

At stake in King is whether a federal agency can interpret a statute in the context of the entire law, or whether it must strictly adhere to the specific words of one sentence. Section 1331 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka, "Obamacare" authorizes tax credits for insurance purchased on an exchange "established by the State under section 1311". Plaintiffs assert that that does not authorize tax credits for insurance purchased on an exchange established by the federal government.

..................... snip

But, when the Supreme Court rules, as they surely will, in King that "state exchanges" means only "state" exchanges, and the default federal exchange was established only to provide for those who could already afford health insurance, it follows as the night the day, that "exclusively" in the IRS code can mean just one thing: 100% social welfare promotion. Hence, gone is the tax-exempt status, gone is donor anonymity, gone is dark money for the entire organization if even $1 is spent on political activities.


nce donor anonymity is gone, it is difficult to imagine how it will ever return. Sure, the right-wing will freak-out, the Koch Boys will demand Congress act (after all, they own it), but this is one where the President will surely veto it. It is hard to imagine Democrats, who were just beaten to a pulp by the scurrilous ads funded by this dark money, would help the Koch Boys override that veto.

By contrast, there will be a lot of incentives in states, even those controlled by the radical right wing, to provide at least a link to the federal exchanges, so its citizens do not lose their health care tax credits.

GOP is stealing the NORTH CAROLINA election. Crooked voting machines.

North Carolina voters report voting machines switching their votes to GOP candidate

02 Nov 2014 at 17:32 ET

Percy Bostick, 69, of Greensboro said he tried casting a vote for Democrat Kay Hagan — who is locked in a tight battle with her GOP opponent — however the machine, located in the Old Guilford County Courthouse — assigned his vote to Republican Thom Tillis.

“I called one of the poll workers over,” Bostick explained. “She said do it again. And again, I touched the screen at the proper place for Kay Hagan, and it again reported it for Thom Tillis.” According to Bostick, the machine finally recorded his vote for Hagan on the fourth attempt.


According to Guilford County elections director, Charlie Collicut, his office has received 14 reports of voting problems since early voting started Oct. 23, including seven from people who grew concerned after they got home.

Collicut urged voters to check their vote against the paper roll next to the screen to ensure that the machine properly registered their selections. He also advised voters to report any problems to poll workers immediately. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/11/north-carolina-voters-report-voting-machines-switching-their-votes-to-gop-candidate/comments/#disqus


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