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Trueblue1968's Journal
Trueblue1968's Journal
December 1, 2017

i just got so furious on FB with a woman who called President Obama a horrible muslim

she posted: He had it put away as he is a Muslim and had the Muslim prayer rugs in the WH.... He praised Allah and put down Christianity...
Besides the manger it was never shown at all and he never said Merry Christmas... Piece of crap....

I got so angry reading her hatred, i burst into tears. i could not stop typing a rebuttal.

XXXXXX you are a racist, bigot and liar xxxxxxx. President Obama IS A CHRISTIAN, has only been married to his wonderful wife Michelle, and has never cheated on his wife. TRUMP has been married 3 times, cheated with hundreds of women all the time he has been married. He has raped and sexually assaulted women and thinks it is okay to "GRAB WOMEN BY THE PUSSY" ..... now who is the better man. Obama who loves America or Trump who is a Russian plant ???? You ignorant woman !!!!!

DU, i know i get too emotional. I pray that I can act like an adult but sometimes i can't help myself. I wanted to go back and delete my post and now i can't find it!!!! Shoot, i should not stay up so late and read crap like that on facebook. I just know I'm gonna burn for being such a rotten person !!!!!

December 1, 2017

ON Twitter, Nicole Wallace said TRUMP IS GOING NUTS

Sources inside the White House sound the alarm that Trump is growing increasingly delusional.
With no one to give him a reality check, the man in control of the world's most powerful military is running wild, as he slips further away from reality.

YOUTUBE VIDEO IS HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=ynDf-aoCL7A

Wallace said that what she is hearing from inside the White House, “is that he increasingly projects a delusional version of himself to himself and his Twitter followers.
This is someone staring in the mirror of his own most rabid fans, and feeding them only what he thinks they will believe without acknowledging that it’s moving further
and further away from reality.”
Eli Stokols of The Wall Street Journal added, “I’ve heard the word delusional from some folks as well.” Stokols added that there is no one in the administration to give the President a reality check, which means that the delusional president is running wild in the White House.
Trump is increasingly making delusional statements about himself and his presidency in public. The President is not well, and it is past time for many in the media and the government to stop avoiding the discussion about Trump’s mental state and competency. If Trump really is delusional, he should not be allowed to continue as President Of The United States.


November 4, 2017

OMG. I just heard on msnbc that Jeff Weaver wants Hillary to apologize. THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!

Weaver, Bernie .... if they are wanting to revote the election starting with the primary .... well it won't work !!
The election is over. Hillary Clinton was the Dem running against Trump and Trump won.

The election is over, Stop wanting 485743 apologies and work together. The Dems can be strong, wait, we ARE strong.
We need to work for the people. Women. Vets, poor, disabled, people of other color, sexual orientation, religions to get our country moving again.

stop the hate. Peace, please !!

November 3, 2017

on MSNBC right now Jeff Weaver is trashing the Democratic party

He is trashing Dems, Hillary.

When will this stop??? Bernie is coming after Democrats again? I'm sick about this !!!!!

My heart is breaking.
Dumb Donna's book is tearing apart our party.

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