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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
Number of posts: 16,761

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FOUND ON TWITTER. make america great again

Dear @realDonaldTrump - THIS is how to Make America Great Again. pic.twitter.com/SqyReGhRoH

YUCK !!!!! Disgusting man

ReTweet this picture and share......
America needs to see the totally NOT hot person who stole the white house from Hillary Clinton .....


BREAKING NEWS!! GOP Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign news of sexually inappropriate behavi

LOCK HIM UP !!!!!!!
Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz. speaks with a reporter on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, March 24, 2017. Cliff Owen/AP

Rep. Trent Franks, a conservative Republican, is expected to resign amid news of sexually inappropriate behavior, according to a recent report.
Franks is a congressman from Arizona's 8th district. He first assumed office in 2003.

Republican Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign, Roll Call reported on Thursday based on a source with knowledge of the Arizona congressman's plans. "
"We will have a statement a little bit later, but that's all I can tell you right now,” Franks told Roll Call. "The statement will explain."

The statement is supposed to be released sometime on Thursday. Franks, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus group on Capitol Hill, has reportedly engaged in inappropriate behavior over the years. Some people in Washington reportedly knew as far back as 2012, when Franks was mulling a run for the Senate.

The future of his political career and the nature of his reported "inappropriate behavior" remain unclear. Franks is a congressman from Arizona's 8th district. He first assumed office in 2003.
Posted by trueblue2007 | Thu Dec 7, 2017, 06:29 PM (8 replies)

SOME GOOD NEWS. This man is a Hero !!! saves rabbit in LA fires.


Man saves Rabbit from LA wildfire! I got this off Twitter.

pic.twitter.com/97zpEnmRv3 https://twitter.com/corythedrummerr/status/938818968575504385

Charlotte Clymer on Twitter This nickname is blistering to Trump's ego. Guaranteed. #DentureDonald

Charlotte Clymer
🏳️‍🌈‏Verified account @cmclymer

This nickname is blistering to Trump's ego. Guaranteed.

Posted by trueblue2007 | Thu Dec 7, 2017, 12:18 PM (3 replies)

Sexist Pig GOP congressman Blake Farenthold Used $84,000 In Taxpayer Money To Settle Sexual claim

Blake Farenthold Used $84,000 In Taxpayer Money To Settle Sexual Harassment Claim, Politico Reports
Rep. Blake Farenthold told an aide he had “wet dreams” about his communications director, a lawsuit said.

Here he the slob .....


Politico on Friday identified Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) as the congressman who used $84,000 in taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim.
Congress declined to name the person connected to the $84,000. But according to a Politico report published Friday, Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) is the legislator behind the settlement.

In a lawsuit filed in 2014, Lauren Greene, Farenthold’s former communications director, accused the congressman of harassing her. A Farenthold aide told Greene the lawmaker had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her, the lawsuit said, according to Politico. The lawsuit also claimed Farenthold bragged about a female lobbyist propositioning him for a threesome and told Green she “could show her nipples whenever she wanted to,” Politico reported.

When Greene complained, she says she was fired.

Further litigating this case would come at great expense to all involved ― including the taxpayers. Rep. Blake Farenthold’s statement on his settlement with a former staffer

The two later settled for an undisclosed amount. In a statement prepared at the time, Farenthold denied wrongdoing and said he settled because “it became clear that further litigating this case would come at great expense to all involved ― including the taxpayers.” Farenthold also mentioned taxpayers in another part of the statement, saying he believed the solution saved taxpayers money.

Posted by trueblue2007 | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 03:29 AM (4 replies)

i just got so furious on FB with a woman who called President Obama a horrible muslim

she posted: He had it put away as he is a Muslim and had the Muslim prayer rugs in the WH.... He praised Allah and put down Christianity...
Besides the manger it was never shown at all and he never said Merry Christmas... Piece of crap....

I got so angry reading her hatred, i burst into tears. i could not stop typing a rebuttal.

XXXXXX you are a racist, bigot and liar xxxxxxx. President Obama IS A CHRISTIAN, has only been married to his wonderful wife Michelle, and has never cheated on his wife. TRUMP has been married 3 times, cheated with hundreds of women all the time he has been married. He has raped and sexually assaulted women and thinks it is okay to "GRAB WOMEN BY THE PUSSY" ..... now who is the better man. Obama who loves America or Trump who is a Russian plant ???? You ignorant woman !!!!!

DU, i know i get too emotional. I pray that I can act like an adult but sometimes i can't help myself. I wanted to go back and delete my post and now i can't find it!!!! Shoot, i should not stay up so late and read crap like that on facebook. I just know I'm gonna burn for being such a rotten person !!!!!

ON Twitter, Nicole Wallace said TRUMP IS GOING NUTS

Sources inside the White House sound the alarm that Trump is growing increasingly delusional.
With no one to give him a reality check, the man in control of the world's most powerful military is running wild, as he slips further away from reality.

YOUTUBE VIDEO IS HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=ynDf-aoCL7A

Wallace said that what she is hearing from inside the White House, “is that he increasingly projects a delusional version of himself to himself and his Twitter followers.
This is someone staring in the mirror of his own most rabid fans, and feeding them only what he thinks they will believe without acknowledging that it’s moving further
and further away from reality.”
Eli Stokols of The Wall Street Journal added, “I’ve heard the word delusional from some folks as well.” Stokols added that there is no one in the administration to give the President a reality check, which means that the delusional president is running wild in the White House.
Trump is increasingly making delusional statements about himself and his presidency in public. The President is not well, and it is past time for many in the media and the government to stop avoiding the discussion about Trump’s mental state and competency. If Trump really is delusional, he should not be allowed to continue as President Of The United States.

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