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Martin Shkreli sent to jail for posting online bounty on Clinton's hair

Martin Shkreli sent to jail for posting online bounty on Clinton's hair
US news 4 hours ago
A federal judge revoked the former pharmaceutical CEO's bail, sending him to jail for offering to pay anyone $5,000 for a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair.

The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP

BREAKING: Ex-pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli has bail revoked in New York securities fraud case, heads to jail.
3:08 PM - 13 Sep 2017

NEW YORK — Former pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli had his bail revoked and was headed to jail Wednesday while awaiting sentencing for a securities fraud conviction.

A judge heard arguments about whether the provocative online antics of Shkreli, dubbed the Pharma Bro, were bad enough to put him behind bars and decided to have him taken into custody immediately.

A judge said Shkreli’s offer to pay a $5,000 bounty for a Hillary Clinton hair with the follicle was “solicitation of an assault.” The judge said Wednesday that’s not protected by the First Amendment and there’s “a risk someone may take” Shkreli up on his offer.

A defense attorney had argued in court papers that Shkreli’s recent offer to pay a $5,000 bounty for securing a Hillary Clinton hair with a follicle while she’s on a book tour was merely a tasteless joke comparable to some of President Donald Trump’s derisive comments, not a threat worthy of putting him behind bars.


Sarah Huck Sanders is an idiot. Dems the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!

Sarah Huck Sanders is an idiot. Dems = the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!! She is an inarticulate fool.

"THEY" .... The "Republic" Party can't take time to choose correct words when they speak in public.
And Sarah Huck Sanders is a Redneck white trashy woman.

I can't stand her. I throw up a little in my mouth every time she gets to her podium.

TRUMP IS AN EVIL MAN. Trump tells cabinet Hurricane Irma means wealthy need their tax cuts faster.

Trump’s got another priority for his cabinet: massive tax cuts for the uber rich.
That’s right. At today’s cabinet meeting, Trump made sure every cabinet member present knew that the hurricane means a “speed up” in delivering on his “tax reform” agenda.
Despite the populist rhetoric, the reality of Trump’s push for tax cuts could not be more clear: massive tax breaks for corporations and the nation’s millionaires and billionaires.

TRUMP: To create prosperity at home we’ll be discussing our plan for dramatic tax cuts and tax reform. And I think now with what’s happened with the hurricane, I’m gonna ask for a speed up. I wanted a speed up any way, but now we need it even more so. So we need to simplify the tax code, reduce taxes very substantially on the middle class. And make our business tax more globally competitive. We’re the highest anywhere in the world right now.


OREGON and WASHINGTON FOREST FIRES,... where is all smoke coming from


Where is the smoke coming from? Map shows 74+ wildfires burning in western states

KHQ.COM - If you're wondering where all of the smoke in the air is coming from... the answer is probably not one specific fire. Currently there are more than 74 major wildfires burning in 8 western states including Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and California. Dozens of those fires are burning in our immediate region.

The map below is a map of US wildfire locations (active/recent) and other sources of information related to wildfires, including social media. Click on the areas of interest and zoom in to explore.

According to the map legend, all of the fire symbols are showing actively burning fires. The areas in purple are areas with an excessive heat warning.Area in gray show regions where there is an air quality alert in effect.

Due to all the smoke and ash in the air, KHQ has called for a Weather Authority Alert which will remain in place through Wednesday afternoon. Those with breathing problems, sensitivities or allergies should limit their time outdoors.



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