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Trueblue1968's Journal
Trueblue1968's Journal
December 8, 2021

Did Trump really go nuts after losing his election for president on the second term?

interesting comments.

Icon for Corruption: Trump and GOP
Corruption: Trump and GOP
Answered by
Venugopal Venkatraman
Sep 16
Did Trump really go nuts after losing his election for president on the second term?
Though I would argue that he was never right inside his head, let’s look at the facts surrounding the election.

He started the “big lie” long before the election.

He stated that he will accept the results only if he won the election.

He quickly celebrated victory on election night when the votes were being counted.

His lawyers filed 60+ court cases to overturn the election that he lost.

He continued to spread the “Big Lie” of a stolen election.

He didn’t acknowledge President Biden’s victory.

He called Mitch using colorful names after Mitch acknowledged Biden’s win.

We keep hearing of the crazy ideas that circulated in his meetings after his loss about martial laws, and possibly nuking someone.

He called the Secretary of State of Georgia to “find” votes to help him win the states.

He incited a violent insurrection to overthrow his own government.

He continues to spread garbage in his rallies.

A lot of the points that I mentioned above are illegal and downright criminal. I would argue that he moved quite a few rungs forward in the lunacy and the criminal scale with these thoughts and actions. What do you think?

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November 22, 2021

DEATH AT WISCONSIN PARADE .... i blame TRUMP for the toxic atmosphere in todays world.

Using cars for murder i believe started in Charlotesville. Trump said there were GOOD PEOPLE on both sides. the side of HATE, BIGOTRY AND RACISM and marching in peace. Now asshole 17 year olds haul assault weapons into marches and slaughter people and people drive as fast as they can into crowds of people to murder murder murder.

Their GOD himself boasted even if he shot someone in the middle of a crowded street they would love him.

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” said DONALD RUMP

November 16, 2021

HUGE LIES.... Chris Christie.... from "This" book

ALL THIS HUGE MAN with his "huge" ego, from his "huge" book is MAKE HUGE MONEY.

Chris "HUGE" Christie is a liar. I can't Stand HUGE Chris Christie AND I Looooooooove Nicole Wallace.

Chris Christie WILL NOT answer questions. Nicole is holding his "toes" to the fire and he is BURNING IN HELL.

He is a dirty rotten scoundrel

November 3, 2021

Biiiiiiiiig little cat. It's a Caracal Cat

Buitengebieden @buitengebieden_
Caracal ear flicks..

October 28, 2021

SO FUNNY. i hope trump sues all the lawyers who wouldn't take his case

Jon Mixon

Fox News Radio ran an interview that said Trump may be able to sue the hundreds of law firms that have refused to take him as a client for professional misconduct. How would refusing to serve as Trump's lawyer be actionable?
Question: Fox News Radio ran an interview that said Trump may be able to sue the hundreds of law firms that have refused to take him as a client for professional misconduct. How would refusing to serve as Trump's lawyer be actionable?

Do you have a link to that interview, questioner?

Frankly it seems to be nonsense as Cliff G. points out there are a number that attorneys can decline to represent clients. In Trump’s case they can require that he provide a substantial downpayment to ensure that he’ll meet his financial obligations, and even that would probably prevent him from being taken on as a client.

Let’s say for the speculation that he did sue and one of the cases reached the point of discovery: Any law firm of substance would savage Trump there and they would be able to prove that nearly any reason that they gave for their refusal would be legal and above board. They wouldn’t settle with him out of court as there would be no reason to do so. They’d shred him and what limited credibility that he had left.

Just FYI: If you see it or hear it on a Fox News station, unless it comes with extensive references it’s safe to presume it’s incorrect or untrue

August 26, 2021

Professor #Maddow Dominates Hannity For The 6th Straight Month ! He must be frothing at the mouth

Professor #Maddow Dominates Hannity For The 6th Straight Month ... ‘The Maddow Show” at 9 pm continues to beat FOX News’ “Hannity” at 9 pm with 2.64M total viewers (vs. FOX News’ 2.62M and CNN’s 1M).
“The Rachel Maddow Show” at 9 pm continues to beat FOX News’ “Hannity” at 9 pm with 2.64M total viewers (vs. FOX News’ 2.62M and CNN’s 1M). This marks the 6th straight month that “Maddow” has finished #1 at 9 pm in total viewers and the 96th straight month beating CNN. In A25-54, “Maddow” ranked #2, averaging 368K viewers (vs. CNN’s 243K) — the largest lead over CNN since Sept. 2020.

Sean Hannity has been floundering ever since Trump left office. Hannity would likely benefit from spending more time working on his show than writing and producing Trump campaign ads.

Those who thought that Rachel Maddow’s success was due to Trump and all of his various scandals have been proven wrong. Rachel Maddow continues to put out compelling hours of news and analysis with Democrats in charge of the federal government.

Without the pandemic and the nation not having a president that kept the country in a constant state of crisis, cable news viewership is down. It seems that the American people are finally able to take a break and catch their breaths, but Rachel Maddow is still rolling on.

https://politicususa.com/2021/06/02/rachel-maddow-dominates-hannity.html via politicususa 03

August 25, 2021


Richard Signorelli @richsignorelli
Once NY passes the Adult Survivor's act, the adult victims of sex assaults will be able to sue their perpetrators during a special one yr look back period regardless of when the assault took place including these TRUMP VICTIMS who have gone public:


August 22, 2021

remember THE DROWNING MAN & St. Peter -- religious parable....

REMEMBER THE MEME ... Will owns a house on the a river. His town has been hit with huge storms. With each storm the river rises. News weatherman says it's the storm of the century. The river will soon rise over this house level, Will's is in danger. POLICE & firefighters urge evacuation NOW. Will ignores the suggestion & shouts at the TV, “God will take care of me!”
The river rises, friends in boats offer Will a ride to safety. Will says NO, “God will take care of me!” Will goes to his roof, the only place above water, Coast Guard sends helicopter to Will to rescue him. Will refuses and yells “God will take care of me!”
The water rises higher and poor ol' Will drowns. He comes to gates of Heaven & asks St. Peter how could God let him die when he had such faith? Will says "God would take care of him. How could God forsake him?" St. Peter tells Will, “ God tried to take care of you. You refused his help. He sent you a warning to evacuate, a rescue boat with your friends. God sent you the Coast Guard in a helicopter. YOU refused all the help that God sent. You failed to see that God can only help you, if you let him. Your help was right before your eyes. YOU refused to pay attention and accept it.

”This mask and vaccine thing may be one of the things God tried to send to help us them but they, the Anti-Vax people reject it.
It's THEIR FAULT. Don't blame God or say IT'S GOD'S WILL when you or a loved one die.

This goes out to my trump loving family. my sisters "adult" kids.
I haven't seen or talked with them since the Covid pandemic started.

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