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Did Trump really go nuts after losing his election for president on the second term?

interesting comments.

Icon for Corruption: Trump and GOP
Corruption: Trump and GOP
Answered by
Venugopal Venkatraman
Sep 16
Did Trump really go nuts after losing his election for president on the second term?
Though I would argue that he was never right inside his head, let’s look at the facts surrounding the election.

He started the “big lie” long before the election.

He stated that he will accept the results only if he won the election.

He quickly celebrated victory on election night when the votes were being counted.

His lawyers filed 60+ court cases to overturn the election that he lost.

He continued to spread the “Big Lie” of a stolen election.

He didn’t acknowledge President Biden’s victory.

He called Mitch using colorful names after Mitch acknowledged Biden’s win.

We keep hearing of the crazy ideas that circulated in his meetings after his loss about martial laws, and possibly nuking someone.

He called the Secretary of State of Georgia to “find” votes to help him win the states.

He incited a violent insurrection to overthrow his own government.

He continues to spread garbage in his rallies.

A lot of the points that I mentioned above are illegal and downright criminal. I would argue that he moved quite a few rungs forward in the lunacy and the criminal scale with these thoughts and actions. What do you think?

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