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Trueblue1968's Journal
Trueblue1968's Journal
December 31, 2022

I am picking out what pair of Sweats I will wear to the den for New Years Eve.

my 9 year old grey ones with the elastic in one leg that is broken and loose
or the pink ones that have a 5 inch tear at my knee cap

December 18, 2022

I LOVED CECELIES IMPRESSIONS. Cecily Strong Exiting 'SNL' After 11 Seasons

so silly of me. i can't stop crying. the strong great women comics of snl gone. cecily is quitting tonight.

Cecily Strong Exiting 'SNL' After 11 Seasons: 'One of the Best to Ever Do It'
Cecily Strong first joined Saturday Night Live in September 2012 for the show's 38th season

Cecily Strong is saying goodbye to Saturday Night Live.

Ahead of the comedy sketch show's Christmas episode on Saturday evening — which will be hosted by Austin Butler and see Lizzo perform as the musical guest — the official Instagram account for the series announced that Strong, 38, will appear for the last time as a cast member.

"Tonight we send off one of the best to ever do it. We'll miss you, Cecily!" SNL wrote alongside a photograph of a sign that read, "We'll miss you, Cecily."

The post also included an image of the actress performing as one of her many characters beside Michael Che on Weekend Update, as well as a clip of Strong's Jeanine Pirro impression.


December 14, 2022

HUMOR :: Trump Make-Believing He Is Superman Again, Bless His Heart


Oh dear, he's making believe he's a superhero again. He wants to be Superman so badly. He desperately wants people to be attracted to him, to think he looks like that, to think he is a man of steel.

Of course, Trump is the target of multiple criminal investigations and he will never have the protections of the presidency ever again, so we're guessing that's making him look even more haggard than usual these days.

So in the video above, Trump says America needs a superhero, and then there is this fantasyland sequence where Trump is dressed as a superhero with a good body, and then it says he's making a major announcement December 15.

He's already announced he's running for president, and has reportedly spent the month since doing absolutely not shit besides waddling to the pooper and waddling to dinner with Nazis.

One month later, what does he want from us? Is this a do-over?

Is he double-announcing he's running for double-president?

Is he announcing he's running for America's next top superhero?

"America's Next Top Model"?

"Dancing With The Stars"?

Is he going on "The Amazing Race" with one of his new Nazi friends?

Does he know "The Amazing Race" isn't a quiz show and he can't just answer "white"?

Is he expecting us to believe his body really looks like that, or ever did?

Is he announcing that Kari Lake is going to be his running mate for his presidential campaign that's never going to actually get off the ground, especially once the indictments start rolling in?

Is he announcing that he thinks Kari Lake's lawsuit to overturn Arizona might eventually also overturn America for him? (No, he already said that on OAN in an interview conducted by his lawyer/friend Christina Bobb, who used to work at OAN.)


more here at https://www.wonkette.com/trump-superman

December 13, 2022

tomorrow i will take covid test

think i have it. nasty lungs, temperate 101
headache bad, body aches. lots of coughing junk. i sound like a man now, my voice is horrible

hubby works at a store and he wears a mask all the time. we are both sick

December 8, 2022

CHRISTMAS is coming #10

December 8, 2022

CHRISTMAS is coming #9

December 8, 2022

CHRISTMAS is coming #8

December 8, 2022

CHRISTMAS is coming #7

December 8, 2022

CHRISTMAS is coming #6

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