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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
Number of posts: 16,762

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What a day! I accidentally used my dog to shampoo my hair in the shower

Watching Rachel now. I miss her so much. Isn't there ANYTHING "we can do" to have her do 5 days a wk

Oh Gees Rachel, come back and do your 5 segments a week.

TERRIFIC DANCING !!! music // dancing mash-up in BORN TO BE ALIVE with Fred Astaire and other actors

DARN IT ..... I LOVED THE 70'S dance mash up and the best music i ever heard ......

Just Pete Video

Some dance scenes from movies and TV shows, from the 60s to present day, all set to a back drop of some big 70s music!! I hope you enjoy my attempt at the Ultimate 70's Dance Scene Mashup!!

My dumb MAGA brother is attacking college students. Why are we paying off college loans he asks

It is a waste of tax payer money he says. We should give THAT money to social security people.
Just because he never went to college, he puts down people who did. He is such a jack ass.
He never helped his son with his college. His son got a 4 year degree and is now an accountant, YES HE IS PAYING OFF HIS LOANS, All by himself. He still lives in an apartment, he is engaged but won't get married for 2 more years because he is low on money.
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