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Trueblue1968's Journal
Trueblue1968's Journal
December 5, 2023

Ya all need to watch Candy Cane Lane ... Eddie murphy xmas movie

It is on Amazon prime video. I loved it ......

August 18, 2023

evem though it is a parody. it is 100% true YOU CAN'T GET NO RE-ELECTION - The Founders

A Founders Sing Parody About Trump's 4th Indictment by Fani Willis! Founders Sing .. 97.4K subscribers .. Finally Trump gets indicted by Fani Willis — his worst nightmare. This conspiracy features tapes, texts, 18 co-defendants and RICO laws up the wazoo. Maybe even cameras in the courtroom, so we get to watch him squirm in real time. Between now and Conviction Day there'll be plenty of legal wrangling, but the facts don't lie. May justice prevail and thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

July 30, 2023

To the Republicans who claim that Donald Trump cares about law and order:

Lars🌻🇳🇴 #NAFOCatsDivision Retweeted
Harry Sisson@harryjsisson
To the Republicans who claim that Donald Trump cares about law and order:

• Trump faces 74 felony counts
• He was indicted in New York on 34 felony counts
• He was indicted for stealing classified documents including nuclear secrets
• He tried to destroy subpoenaed security footage
• Trump lied to federal agents about having classified documents
• Trump is a proven sexual abuser
• The Trump Organization was found guilty on all counts of criminal tax fraud brought against them
• He’s on the verge of being indicted 2 more times in Georgia and DC.

How does any of this suggest that Trump cares about the law? He doesn’t. He’s a fraud.

July 29, 2023

wonderful story brought tears to my eyes ..... Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs,

Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs, But Years Later, Something Unexpected Happened!
Animal Stories Rewind
31.4K subscribers
2,188,507 views Jul 21, 2023 #dogs #stories
Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs, But Years Later, Something Unexpected Happened!

We've all heard that love can cross all boundaries. This dog, named Lou, raised three tiger cubs abandoned by their mother. Onlookers became amazed at the bond that unfolded between the cubs and the dog. Unfortunately, the moment arrived when they had to be separated because the tiger cubs grew larger. However, two years later, something happened that no one could have ever imagined.

► Animal Stories Rewind takes you back in time to the most amazing animal stories that happened somewhere in the world. Don't forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss an incredible and heartwarming story!
July 19, 2023

HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna start making stuff.

I will make Halloween Haunted Houses.

Here are some links for the projects i want to make. i have bought the 2 different SMALL toy doll houses to make the Haunted Mansion shown in the videos. You can find them at the DOLLAR TREE Stores.

*** I like this project but I won't use the bottle brushes. I'm going to find Branches / twigs from trees that resemble a SCARY Tree. You make have those in your yard. Just snip them off at your desired length and spray paint them.
I painted mine BLACK and i'm going to use craft paint (browns) to highlight them and make them look like trees.

*** look around the craft store for miniature stuff you can use. Sometimes old buttons will make a great haunted house accessory.

LARGE HAUNTED HOUSE. Shop thrift stores, garage sales and goodwill FOR TOY HOUSES FOR LITTLE GIRLS.

here is a video i really like ...... We turned a dollhouse into a creepy haunted mansion!

and FINALLY..... SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST !!! How To Create A Spooky Halloween Village Set ---- Learn how to easily transform a forgotten Christmas village into a spooky Halloween village set with some spray paint and metallic paints.

AN AWESOME website. Totally Recycling Crafter! **** I have an old Christmas village that I will transform into a HAUNTED HALLOWEEN TOWN complete with "fairy lights" .... https://michellejdesigns.com/spooky-halloween-village-set/?fbclid=IwAR0YgIsB-LHbmsFGKRUGYoaUyzy1mO73yDpTEwjwzvuRyWTAfkYdcafa3F8

Have fun and post pictures of your completed project or pictures of cool Halloween stuff.

July 18, 2023

Joe Manchin for Pres ? NO WAY. His state is doing so poorly as compaired to other 50 states

FROM THE ARTICLE ::: Manchin’s Democratic colleagues are watching his flirtation with a third-party run warily. Many would rather he run for reelection in West Virginia, a red state where Trump is popular and where Manchin is Democrats’ best chance of defending a seat in the 51-49 Democrat-controlled Senate.


I AM NOT PUTTING MANCHIN DOWN but I think what he is contemplating will be VERY bad for Democrats across the nation.
I see that WEST VIRGINIA is doing horrible in the areas below but I guess Manchin doesn't see it that way. I think he needs to stay in the Senate.

Manchin: "I can do for the country what I've done in West Virginia"

-47th in education

-50th in healthcare

-50th in infrastructure

-47th in the economy
July 2, 2023

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww coffee. i love my kuerig coffee maker

i just discovered the STRONG button. I am drinking strong VANILLA DREAM today. it is Heaven.

these variety packs are truly great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K2RY8H2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 we get it on autoship

June 11, 2023

"The problem is none of us want to work for the guy. He's a nightmare client,"

“The problem is none of us want to work for the guy. He’s a nightmare client,” said one top federal criminal defense attorney in the Southern District of Florida, noting that Trump’s legal team has been the subject of numerous unflattering stories about infighting and the capriciousness of Trump.

“I would love to do it. I think the case is weak. But my wife would divorce me and my kids wouldn’t talk to me if I defended Trump," said another who had informal discussions with Trump’s team.

Facing 37 federal counts in the case concerning his handling of classified documents and obstructing justice, Trump is the first former president to be charged for a crime in federal court. In March, he became the first former president to be charged in a state court – in New York City, where the Manhattan prosecutor charged him in relation to a hush-money scheme related to a porn star.

The federal indictment is viewed by legal experts, including former Trump-appointed Attorney General Bill Barr, as being much more serious. Even accused murderer O.J. Simpson, who was ultimately acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend in what was the trial of the century in the mid-1990s, weighed in on Trump’s case and advised him to stop talking about it.

Trump didn’t. In his first remarks after his indictment, in Georgia, he spent about a half hour giving his defense and attacking the prosecutor in the federal case.



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