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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
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We love DARK Brandon !!!!

Can a meme born in darkness --say, the racist corners of GOP's --ever come to have lighter meanings? The "DARK BRANDON " Democrat's meme popularity among Biden supporters are swift and decisive. It has effectively become a positive affirmation, not only of Biden himself, but of the internet’s ability to reclaim and salvage what once was lost.

Most recently, visitors to Biden’s newly unveiled 2024 campaign website discovered the site’s “Dark Brandon” pointing people towards a special “Dark” campaign tee emblazoned with the Brandon image.

Not bad work for a meme that originally started out as a right-wing slogan, “Let’s Go Brandon,” that was actually coded to stand in for “F Joe Biden.”
Dark Brandon typically appears as a laser-eyed Joe Biden, usually presented via ancient lolcats-style image macro, probably with a reference to defeating malarkey somewhere.

The meme first began to catch on in late summer of 2022, trending on Twitter and drawing mockery from right-wing influencers like Ben Shapiro, while other posters complained that the libs ruined their meme. But the origin and potential cringe elements didn’t stop many Biden supporters from wholeheartedly embracing and running with the imagery. The meme caught the public’s attention at a moment when the real Biden was riding a string of policy wins. Biden’s achievements, combined with the public’s hunger for a refreshing source of leftist inspiration, made the figurative Dark Brandon an irresistible memetic superhero.




on Twitter: 1 MILLION people have asked the Biden WH to ask DOJ to look into how did Ivanka get rich

1 MILLION people have asked the Biden White house to ask DOJ to look into how 'Ivanka received 24 Chinese patents and 'How Did Jared Kushner Get $2 Billion From the Saudis?'

So I just asked President Biden ::: President Biden, ask DOJ to look into Ivanka and Jared Kushner. How did 'Ivanka Trump receive 24 Chinese patents and 'How Did Jared Kushner Get $2 Billion From the Saudis?'
And this sounds CRIMINAL to me ..... hos did $1.7 billion flow through Donald Trump’s businesses while he was president.

Did E.Jean Carroll get to see Donnie's Tidie Whites ??? Was he dressed like this ??


TRUMP THE RAPIST .... What to Expect in the E. Jean Carroll-Donald Trump Rape Trial

When Carroll’s legal team presents her case, the central part of the case will be her testimony that she was raped by Donald Trump in a dressing room in the lingerie section of Bergdorf Goodman.

A long-time reporter and television host, Carroll is used to public speaking and has repeated her account of the rape in numerous interviews over the last four years, in addition to her deposition in this case. Many people (not on the jury) have been persuaded that she is telling the truth.

But Carroll will be allowed to present more than her testimony that she was raped by Donald Trump.

Two witnesses (Carol Martin and Lisa Birnbach) will testify that Carroll told them of the rape shortly after it occurred, and that Carroll has had a consistent account of the rape for more than 25 years. Carol Martin may be particularly persuasive to jurors over the age of 50. She was the first African-American female local news anchor in New York, several daily WCBS newscasts from the 1970s until 1994. Ms. Birnbach also is famous for writing the bestsellers The Official Preppy Handbook and Lisa Birnbach’s College Book (which was required reading for NY-area college applicants).

Two other witnesses will testify that the former president sexually assaulted them: Jessica Leeds and Natasha Steynoff.



what liberals are. and i'm proud to call myself A LIBERAL

My favorite Easter hymn


My gosh, i have chills!!
Posted by Trueblue1968 | Thu Apr 6, 2023, 04:27 PM (7 replies)

Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old Student Files $40 Million Lawsuit Against School

An elementary school teacher who was shot by a 6-year-old student has filed a $40 million lawsuit, accusing administrators at her Virginia school of repeatedly ignoring warnings that the student was armed with a gun and “had a history of random violence.”

Abigail Zwerner filed a lawsuit against Richneck Elementary School’s former principal, former assistant principal, the Newport News School Board and the former superintendent on Monday, accusing them of gross negligence and failure to report the weapon to authorities on Jan. 6. “She has endured four surgeries and still has a bullet lodged inside her,” said Zwerner’s attorney Diane Toscano. “In addition to holding the school division accountable for its failures, this lawsuit is a means to deliver justice for Abby in this tragic but entirely preventable situation.”

The shooting occurred only hours after staff and teachers raised concerns to the assistant principal, Ebony Parker, about the boy having a gun, the lawsuit states.
Parker later resigned, the school board’s superintendent was fired, and the school principal was reassigned.

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