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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Let me get this straight - Now they are saying that RMoney said that the President made a mistake

of stating that he would go in to Pakistan to get Bin Laden?! RMoney is claiming of course he would have gone in but Obama made a mistake by telegraphing he was going to do it?

These people are just fucking unbelievable in believing they can lie when contradicting taped statements are available.

Boner - "It's an election year but by God do we have to fight about everything"

Why yes, you weak ass speaker who couldn't keep you boys in line for the past two years and came close to defaulting, resulting in a lowered bond rating, yes, you piece of shit you and your boys are going to be called out for your tactics and take daily abuse for your behavior.

Go cry in a corner - Boner!

GM Alive and bin Laden is Dead - Would situation be reversed if Romney had been President!

Biden comment this morning. That is how to play the game, go right for their fucking throats.

Of course Dick (David) Gregory said it won't be a defining moment for reelection and adds that the intelligence was being worked under both administrations. (Get ready for this one because I have already heard it from nut wingers...."it is like Nixon taking credit for the moon landing."

Whoo Hooo, Omaha Steve is on the Bob Kerrey commercial played on Lawrence!

When will we stop?

A Democrat misspeaks (usually low level) and the Republicans, with help from the press, push for an apology and the Democrats usually cave. Republicans call Democrats un-American, anti-American, Communists, threaten harm, and refuse to apologize. Often these taunts come from leaders in the party.

When will Democrats learn that Republicans are bullies, if the aren't punched in the face then they will never stop. There should be no apologies from Democrats, if pushed by the press Democrats should simply state, once members of the Republican Party start condemning their own behavior we can offer them the same respect. Once they leave their adolescence stage and are able to properly speak the words "Democratic Party," then we can have adult conversations.

Note: In all of the times I have seen "Democrat Party" used I have only seen Chris Matthews correct the person. That leaves all other talking heads of open to the critique of allowing the childish behavior.

Interesting - Over at Sean Hannity's discussion board not a single thread on Zimmerman

1. They don't watch the news other than Fox - highly possible
2. They don't think a lawyer in a high profile case mentioning the hosts name is worthy of discussion. I am sure DU would follow a similar path if Skinner was named as a confident of a murderer or even in their case, a wrongly accused hero.
3. The moderators have been told to bury every thread on Zimmerman until their beloved leader can come up with his talking points.

Run like the piece of shit you are Zimmie

What a fucking clusterfuck! They didn't arrest this guy and now he runs. Talked to Hannity, haul that unAmerican piece of shit into a cell!

So why the intense focus by Right Wingers on Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

All of the states in the Great Lakes region. What is with the focus of privatization in this region?
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