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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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My FB post, the battle begins.

I am looking at this BC and a lot of questions are unanswered:

1. Why the "Void" along the borders? What is the candidate trying to hide?
2. Why does it say Certificate of Live Birth and not Birth Certificate like mine from St. Joseph's Hospital?
3. Based upon those discrepancies I believe we need to see the "Long Form"
4. Why is the Mothers age listed as 36, Lenore Lefaunt was born 11/9/1908. How could a child born on 3/12/1947 have a Mother that is 36 years old if she was born in November 1908? Could his father have had multiple wives, thus the discrepancy in the Mother's age? Who really is his mother? How many wives did his father have? How many wives does he have?
5. What the hell is this with the father being from Mexico? Does the Son have "Anti-Colonial views?" His father/grandfather left the U.S., obviously they hate America.

I am sure Sheriff Joe and The Donald will be sending resources to Mexico/Utah/Michigan to clear things up, because "Some people say he is not an American."

This is for those who can't comprehend the Irony in this post.

South Dakota political ad

Anyone have a link the the SD political ad from the guy running for the House? Just saw the end on Hardball, I would love to see the whole thing.

AZ Republic article (PHX main Paper) lampoons the AZ Birthers


Come on, Arizona, let's crack this birther coconut!
Birthers rejoice!

For years, you have wandered in the wilderness, searching in vain for that ever-elusive evidence and the credibility that comes with actual elected officials willing to take up your quest for “truth”.

Finally you have reached the promised land: Arizona, where these days lunacy is law.

Oh, who am I kidding? We’ve long been the land of crackpottery and conspiracy.

Remember, Gov. Ev Mecham and his efforts to ward off laser beams from the eavesdropping attorney general and the newspaper? Remember the alien flyby exposed by the Phoenix Lights?

Remember when the TV weather guys went all Middle Eastern on us and starting using the word “haboob”?

We in Arizona are nothing if not one giant teeming conspiracy theory.

She ends the article with a shot at Jan Brewer along with "Book em Jan-O"

Watching the end of a Rachel segment about Obama having a 15 point lead among woman.

Now he won by 13 over McCain and had 7 points overall. Did anyone pick up what poll she was referencing? Because if he is up by 15 with women, there is no possible way he is only up by 3 to 5 overall.

There is no way Biden's comments weren't orchestrated

A leading RMoney admin quits last week because he is gay. (Based upon push back from the Evangelical Right)

Biden goes on Meet the Press and makes his statements.

Now what I haven't figured out is the messaging from today, but this is an obvious attempt to drive the narrative for the week.

The BIG SPIN starts

1. Create/release poll to support narrative.
2. Show a picture of the Obama campaign kick off that is before the event started and question "enthusiasm."
3. Refer to poll, specifically "results" showing RMoney with 10 point lead with Independents.
4. Reinforce claim that Independents decide elections.
5. Have a guest state, "Independents align with RMoney because the switch positions." (Turning a RMoney weakness into a strength)

Fox News?????? Nope, MSNBC Alex Wagner show.

Let me get this straight - Now they are saying that RMoney said that the President made a mistake

of stating that he would go in to Pakistan to get Bin Laden?! RMoney is claiming of course he would have gone in but Obama made a mistake by telegraphing he was going to do it?

These people are just fucking unbelievable in believing they can lie when contradicting taped statements are available.

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