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FHR_Scout's Journal
FHR_Scout's Journal
May 19, 2016

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out!

Clinton will not lose this! Why? - numerous reasons.

1. Trump is a horrible candidate and human being.
2. Electoral Math - Trump needs to run the table of all swing states.
3. Team Obama will be out in force during the last three months, thus motivating voters to solidify his legacy.

It will be close, in the range of 271 to 296 Electoral Votes, but she will pull out a victory.

EDIT IN JUNE: I meant 371 to 396 range! Seriously I didn't see the Trump meltdown coming this fast.

This from a guy who thinks she sucks as a candidate and as a person. That being said, it is my opinion. No need to post daily about all of her shortcomings, just as there is no need to have numerous posts calling for Bernie to drop out.

EDIT IN JUNE: O.K., time for Bernie to drop out.

Toughen up Clinton supporters, you are going to really start seeing the Republicans and media start tearing in to her, and her numbers will continue to drop. Better now than September, she can rebound, win her prized possession and be President for a term.

EDIT IN JUNE: The Repubs will rebound, I think June is lost for them. They will go into extra hate mode in July, most people will be too busy to notice, she will bounce back, repeat in September, bounce back in October!

For my latest can't miss prediction! UTAH IS IN PLAY!!!!!! Seriously the Mormons hate Trump more than they hate liberals.
Instead of bright red it will be mauve, within 10 points.

May 14, 2016

For fucks sake, if John Miller or John Baron is calling and giving details

And little Donald says it isn't him,.... Then isn't the logical follow up question, who is John Miller/Baron? How does he have details to your life? Why did you apologize for impersonating John Miller on one occasion. Come on media, do your damn job and let him keep digging deeper.

Edit: Rachel just reported that the WaPo reporters asked the follow up question. Silence and the phone went dead. That's the way you do it.

May 9, 2016

Just saw the news that Chistie has been named to lead the Trump transition team

How the hell is this even possible. He isn't the former Governor of NJ, he is the current Gov. who has a full time job already.

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