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I see the M$NBC team has been given the talking points regarding HRC

"The footage including the KKK if full dress is over the line." Chris ended his show condemning her for doing it, Alex W was on the previous hour testing, "did she go too far?"

My response - FUCK YOU!


You propped up this racist prick for over a year and now are trying to have it both ways. Facilitating his racist BS and then condemning a person as going "too far." again...


It's over!

Now it was basically over in 1996 & 2008 at this time. But this year is different. I worked from home today and had CNN on. Jake Tapper is basically sneering when he mentions Trumps name. CNN and MSNBC have Republicans on (Bush supporters) that are ripping into Trump. Trump has crossed the line, he is now officially a joke, with people that would defend him if given any potential out. (a realistic shot of keeping this election close)

Now comes the hard part. Obama has provided Clinton and the Dems a great opportunity. Going on the offensive against Trump and tying Trump around the neck of all other elected Republicans. The smart ones will be hitting the airwaves this week and ripping Trump a new one. (Like the Republicans on today, looking out for themselves) Here is the thing, the Republicans aren't that fucking smart. The ones in safe red states can continue on with the B.S. talking points, but there are very few safe Red States, and even fewer highly populated Red States. We are basically down to Texas, Arizona, and Georgia, and if things keep imploding two of those may fall this cycle.

The bigger problem is the under 35 vote. They are getting CRUSHED, and take no offense HRC supporters, but she is not the coolest candidate for the under 35 crowd. Next cycle it is the under 40 crowd! Now the numbers for Obama in '08 for under 25 voters was higher than Reagan got in '80. And the Dems are continuing to expand the voters in a key demographic. Add non whites to the mix and it is game over.

Now the Republicans could do the smart thing and start reaching out instead of doubling down on the HS educated white vote. But as stated earlier, they just ain't that fucking smart. My bet is in 2020 they will run the same type of candidate and get crushed AGAIN.

As an aside, the Bush supporter made a very interesting point, that we must always remember. It is not like the mainstream Republican could have made a minor tweak and won over Primary voters this year. Bush/Kasich/Christy/Rubio only got about 1/3 of the vote combined. The fight was Trump v Cruz. Which means a Walker, Ryan, or any other puke inducing Republican that would likely lose but at least be competitive, wouldn't even have a chance of making it out of the Primaries.

What the hell is up with the crowds in Rio?

Every time I switch over to the Olympics the stadiums are almost empty. NBC makes no comment.

The USA Soccer match was 1/8 filled, the opening track and field events, maybe 1000 people in a 40k+ stadium.

Anyone have any insight?

Looks like the Slime ball Issa has a decent challenge

Would love to see this ass go down.


Donald Trump is tanking in the polls AND is being forced to endorse Ryan tonight

Well done Mr. President. The orange sack of shit will be tied to the obstructionist House Leader.

Ryan had his chance to push him away, as expected, he didn't.

The stench is firmly attached to Paul.

I hate to use "three dimensional chess" but step back and take a look at the big picture.

My thought yesterday morning was that Obama would sit back and let the HRC bump play out. Sure Trump was bleeding, but we all know he is going to screw up again. Chill for a bit, hit him hard in September and October. Then walking into the office I see Obama making his comments, going up the stairs it hits me, friggen brilliant!

He tied the 260 pound steaming pile of orange shit around every Republicans neck. Put them all on notice that their candidate is unacceptable and they need to clean up the steaming pile, no passing the buck this time, Obama walked into a mess the Republicans created, not his job to clean up their shit on the way out the door too.

It basically gives Ryan, McConnell, all other leaders, just a few days to denounce Trump. If they do it they piss off the tea bagging base, if they don't they have to hope the Trump outrage blows over. And it will, if he doesn't do something extremely stupid this week. But they also have to worry about Trump doing something stupid in the next ninety days, something even more offensive, more outrageous, and then having Obama call them out for their lack of leadership and inaction.

So, which way would you go if were betting your career? You would have to think long and hard; do you want your rival to call you out for inaction and lack of leadership in September or October? Criticisms they know will have impact due to being accurate and documented. Or do you want to sit back and hope it goes away? Now we all know they gutless, but they are politicians and they now are being dragged down by a huge sack of shit. They have a bit of a stench now, but things are going to get hotter, and that sack of shit ain't going to smell any better in thirty days and if it explodes, they are covered head to toe.

These McCain/Ryan comments from Trump just didn't come out of thin air. They are the gaseous releases from the Orange sack of shit. Calls were likely flying yesterday from Republican leadership to Team Turd and The Donald got his feelings hurt and had another child like outburst. His campaign staff is reportedly in an uproar, Republicans aren't anywhere to be found on the TV, but you can only hide so long. Again, it may blow over this week, but they all have to return to DC and the next screw up will likely be worse. Hell I thought Warren was going to be the one to take him down. The Dems haven't even started attacking him with opposition research yet so it is a given he will crack, but when an opportunity presents itself, take it.
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