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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
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Did the Obama Admin reapprove Flynn's clearance in 2016?

Spice just claimed this, if I recall statements from yesterday that was NOT the case. Off to do research.

Latest Wikileaks developments

The current administation has had a change of heart and now is going after Assange, thus questioning authority and accuracy of Wikileaks? Why the change of heart?

My guess is they are going try try to beat the Russian rap by going directly after Russia and Wikileaks. They will claim you can't trust ANYTHING coming from either source, FAKE NEWS! LIES!

I am also guessing, fuck that, 100% certain, that the media and tRump supporters will fall in line.

Oh FFS, it is like a bad B Movie - John McCain

Working directly off a prepared script in an "impromptu" press briefing.

Being a bad ass on Russia and Syria, saying this puts to rest the question of who controls Trump, USA, USA.

But then he stumbles and locks up when asked two questions

1. "What do you think about the advanced warning to Russia?"

2. "How does this impact the refugee crisis? Do we need to do more?

This shit is so god damned transparent.

Take a deep breath

1. Syria gases their own people, again.
2. Russian equipment and military were on the same base.
So no one noticed what the Syrians were doing?
3. We strike at the Syrians

Now, the current President is plagued by issues regarding his involvement with Russia, his approval numbers are dropping, yet all of the sudden he is taking on Russia, doing the right thing. WITH ADVANCE WARNING TO THE RUSSIANS.

Come on people. This ain't chess, this ain't even checkers, this it tic tac toe.

OH FFS! Kristen Welker (MSNBC WH Reporter)

I will write verbatim, "The President has been alleging that he has been the victim of surveillance, of wiretapping, you remember that tweet, that he put out several weeks ago by the former Obama administration. And also has said that unmasking by the Obama administration has crossed the line. This is some of the clearest indication yet of what he may have been talking about, what he may have been referencing in some of the tweets. And again the push back, and you heard Susan Rice say this, according to her and other Obama administration officials, there was never the intent to learn the identity of these individuals for political purposes and there was no leaking."

Katie Tur called her out that the President said Trump Tower was wiretapped. "Isn't that a pretty definitive statement?"

Kristen responds, "Well it is, but remember, even in the wake of that, Secretary Sean Spicer said that by wiretapping, that he meant surveilled and by surveilled, not necessarily not of Trump Tower but were some of these communications swept up in other communications that the Obama administrations may have been monitoring. And so the developments in recent weeks have put a little bit of meat on those bones. The President himself saying he put the term wiretapping in quotes so I think he was talking about the broader surveillance. But none the less, this is the Trump administrations push back to what they feel has been unfair when it comes to the investigation into what may or may not have been Russian interference into the election."

Katie responded, "certainly the way the administration wants to frame it."

Read carefully what Kristen was doing, reporting tRump talking points as fact, especially "what may or may not have been Russian interference into the election."

How the hell is this person a WH Reporter?
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