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At this rate we may need to start building a new Federal Prison - Sekulow seems to be next

Through a complex arrangement involving ACLJ and another charity, $5.5 million was paid directly to Sekulow and five family members in salary or other compensation, tax records covering those years show. Another $7.5 million went to businesses owned by Sekulow and his sister-in-law for producing and consulting on TV, movie and radio shows, including his weekday program, “Jay Sekulow Live!” And $21 million went to a small law firm co-owned by Sekulow, records show.

The public face of the two nonprofits is the ACLJ, the charity started by televangelist Pat Robertson in 1990 and known for its defense of Christian causes before the Supreme Court. Sekulow is its chief counsel.

But in 2011, the ACLJ formalized an arrangement that first routes donations solicited in its name to the other nonprofit, Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, or CASE, tax filings show. CASE is controlled entirely by Sekulow, his wife and his two sons, who serve as the only voting members on the board. The ACLJ relies on CASE for nearly its entire budget, $53 million in 2015, meaning the Sekulows effectively control both charities, nonprofit experts said.



will need to wait for the final numbers - but it appears that Ossoff is under performing

As compared to previous election.

So a couple months of additional tRump Bullshit, a weak Repuke candidate, and Ossoff drops votes.

We are not talking about an ignorant district, high percentage of college educated, racially mixed, yet he under performs.

Again, will need to look at the final numbers but my first response is BULL FUCKING SHIT.

No! It is not the same things the Dems did!

More with the false fucking equivalency bullshit. The media is calling out the Repubs for meeting in secret regarding the health care bill.

But they always mention that Repubs weren't happy when Dems did this.


Pull up the video tape you lying mother fucking media. There was a full day where Obama pleaded with Repubs to come up with valid options, televised live, open to the public.

Now, were there private meetings, yes, but was the whole bill created in private, no.

The Dems keep missing the fat pitch

When Sessions or the others claim they can't answer questions AND they have reviewed with counsel, there is ONLY ONE FUCKING RESPONSE!

"So you have lawyered up and refuse to answer questions regarding Russians hacking our elections."

Why Republicans need to be crushed - Exhibit 1,000,0000,0000,000

Susan Collins, one of the "moderates" carrying the water (BULLSHIT)


These people have earned and deserve no respect.

Hey Cornyn, here is ZERO degrees of separation for you!

It is EXACTLY like the scene out of the Godfather

They need to show the entire audience to see what family members were brought in.
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