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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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MSNBC real time fact checking

Nicole says "he (Barr) is lying."

FFS - The Mango Mussolini is giving a mini rally speech to the kids

The kids really want to hear about job growth you POS!

Impeach or Not? Jonathon Capehart just made a good point.

As a person who firmly believes he must be impeached I have to agree with Capehart's opinion. Basically he states we are on the road to impeachment, it is going to happen. BUT, public opinion needs to be behind the impeachment and isn't there yet.

A DUer posted a graph yesterday displaying the public opinion trend for impeaching Nixon, it took a few months but went from 20% to over 50% in a few months, then Nixon quit.

EDIT TO ADD - They are still fighting the point on AM Joy right now. Very similar to the fighting on DU.

A black man peacefully kneels to protest executions and that is unpatriotic

Yet a President, along with a entire Party, works with Russians and the same people find that acceptable.

At some point we need to identify who is the enemy of democracy

Suggest we all get prepared and don't get caught with our pants down again

A week and a half ago many Dems and posters allowed the media to frame the Mueller investigation as done. A win for tRump, Dems must not push too hard, tRump is taking a victory lap.

It was all bullshit, and it was obvious that it was bullshit. Pelosi and other Dem leaders didn't play along. They called out the Barr memo for what it was, ridiculous. As a side note, notice the media didn't focus on the Pelosi comments because it didn't fit the desired narrative.

So tomorrow the focus will be more intense on how ridiculous the Barr memo was, but the media will still allow the ridiculous Repub talking points and spin to continue. It can't be allowed, not by prominent Dems, not by disruptors.

tRump is at best a Russian asset, his entire family is corrupt and there could be up to 100 elected politicians tied to this scandal. We can't allow this to pass, the guilty parties must be punished to preserve this democracy. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, W, Cheney, for the most part walked. Resigning in disgrace is the worst that happened when in fact there are two names on that list that should have had much more severe penalties.

Don't fall for the media narrative, we are right, but must fight for justice.

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