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FHR_Scout's Journal
FHR_Scout's Journal
March 1, 2020

COVID-19.... will it impact Super Tuesday voting?

Someone here posted something yesterday on how when the population is comfortable then they seem to take risks on Republican candidates. When the shit inevitably hits the fan then they flip to Dems. Main point is the public feels Govt is in the way until things go to shit, then turn to Dems to fix the issues.

Could something similar play out in the Democratic Primaries?

February 27, 2020

I hate to be a fucking asshole about the "carona" virus but this is pure shit for team tRump

Republicans are easily swayed by fear, they are fucking wimps. So we have a situation that can create a lot of fear, and a worthless wimp ass in the WH doing nothing to alleviate their fear. This one hits home for the wimps, which is why tRump is trying his lame ass deflection to Dems. The truly ignorant racist fuckers will fall for it. I think this will hit his favorable numbers by 3 to 5 points.

February 22, 2020

Hey Chris Cuomo FUCK OFF with your segment that we need to understand the tRump voter anger


They need to be embarrassed or they need to be fucking choked out.

There is not one fucking thing about these people that I want to understand and work toward compromise.

They are fucking anti American, anti democracy, anti human scum.

Rant over.

February 12, 2020

So..... anyone want to defend, there are some good Republicans?

If the last few months, the last three years haven't taught you anything, then you aren't paying attention. And it is going to get worse.

Dems need to understand, we have seen the enemy, and we must never forget.

It is clear as day, you are for Democracies or you are an enemy.

Hard lesson to learn, but if you haven't learned the lesson by now, you have a short amount of time before you will see people you respect be jailed for being liberals.

Millions have died fighting for what we had, unfortunately I see no leader stepping up, which means we need to step up.

February 5, 2020

Stand up and walk out


Anti-American assholes.

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