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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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The polling numbers must be bad for the Orange ShitStain

Very subdued today, thanking medical personnel and paramedics.

tRumps refusal to use DPA and the impact.

Let's take N95 masks as an example. Will use round numbers to demonstrate impact.

Hospital A needs 100,000 masks.

Places order for 100k masks, but on back order.

Someone up the chain says, we better get 100k more on order. (likely more than a 2x multiplier)

Hospital workers rightfully get worried and share concerns with family. Family members go out and try to procure masks on eBay or Amazon, creating demand for 100k more masks.

Local businesses who use N95 masks try to help, Company A buys 100k mask and Company B buys 100k masks for Hospital A. For good measure they each place orders for 100k to make sure they can keep their own businesses running.

The Orange Shitstain tells state they are on there own. State procurement hits up all the local hospitals for requirements. Then goes out and buys millions of masks with some safety stock, so the Hospital A 100k requirement gets ordered again @ 125k masks.

So the demand for Hospital A (100k) gets amplified and becomes a requirement for 1 million masks.

At some point all the orders will be fulfilled and there will be too many masks. Until then it is all a cluster, with masks being shipped to locations that do not have the immediate requirement for the masks.

Additionally you have opened the potential for fraud with counterfeit mask being shipped through the uncontrolled supply chain.

So let's say Hospital A gets 100k masks from alternative sources, gets them in the backdoor and then finds out they are useless. First thing they do is go place orders for more masks.

It is inexcusable for team tRump not to step in and take control. Sometimes the supply chain needs to be centralized and controlled, that way the approved suppliers are dealing with one agency and counterfeits can be minimized.

Some times you have to roll up your fucking sleeves and be a shipping clerk you fat orange piece of waste.

Big picture all - Today was a clip and save day - Let's pack the churches on Easter Sunday

It displays everything wrong about tRump.

Complete inability to be proactive and plan.

Huckster Condo Salesman trying to close no matter the facts.

Lack of empathy for what everyone is going through.

Focused on profit over lives.

In a week his pronouncement will be proven to be idiotic, again. We need to push the ignore button on him. At some point the media will be forced to follow suit.

Then we can focus on getting better, getting the Country back on track.

Forget about the bullshit polls, it is March, focus on staying healthy.

Then we kick the every loving, mother fucking shit out of him and every Repuke, We mock them, we treat them like shit. we never let up. Remember how fucking ignorant they are, remember how many they killed. Never let up, never be nice, never compromise.

To do this we are going to have to move out some Dems, again anyone saying we need to move on needs to be shouted down. We are a dozen fucking years from the last Repuke caused catastrophe. If we let up it will be a never ending cycle and will continue to get worse.



Funny thing is, Repukes will not even get the irony.

When you lose Kelly O'Donnell you are in trouble

But hey Kelly, don't fall for his shit ever again.

If anyone wondered what it would take his base to desert him. I believe we have the answer.

Nothing! The racism, the hate, overshadows anything he can do to make them jump off the crazy train.

They are extremely sick people, any logical person would look at the daily bullshit, the lies, the name calling, the finger pointing, and come to the conclusion that tRump in one of two things. (or possibly both)

He is either a monster who is completely incompetent or using the pandemic to tear apart the Country.

Can't think of any other plausible explanation, yet his base doesn't waiver.

Someone needs to ask - WHERE IS THE FUCKING WEBSITE!

Come on hammer the idiot. Stroke the mfer out!

Two important questions

Who the hell is Biden's Tailor and how can I lose thirty pounds in 90 days?

I think the first 45 minute should lay to rest the meme that Joe can't hang with Tangerine Ida Amin

He is kicking the shit out of Bernie tonight.

Someone get the towel ready.
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