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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Trump Love - Important to read bdamomma's post from earlier in the month

Link to full article in her(?) post, tRump has used Love these people about 20+ times today.


Donald Trump constantly tells his followers that he loves them. His people need and want to believe that Donald Trump loves them. Trumpís followers have a deep investment in him emotionally and personally. I would tell Trumpís true believers the same thing I would tell people in other mind control cults: Think back to what you thought you were getting involved with, and now think about where you are now. If you knew then where you would be three and a half years later, would you have ever gotten involved with Donald Trump in the first place?

Anyone catch ShitStains hypocrisy with Jiang and Diamond?

The CBS and CNN reporters (respectfully) that he hates. When questioned by Jiang he shot back, when was the first US death (or something to the effect) it had nothing to do with her question, he was just being he natural dickish self. Then he continued to talk over her and said basically, know your numbers. Then no more than five or ten minutes later, when fighting with Diamond, he said 39,000 deaths. Diamond corrected the ShitStain and said over 40,000 deaths. So the ShitStain mocked Diamond for correcting him.

I wish Diamond would have jumped up and said Know your numbers you arrogant fucking shit head.

He is implementing Putin's plan in the open

Forcing States to pony up for items at an escalated cost. Refusing supplies to States. Governors forced to form coalitions.

States either suck it up and raise State Taxes or fight back. They either bankrupt States or force them to break off.

Not one fucking patriotic Republican. Not one fucking decent Republican.

Come on. Keep it up woman reporters

Fucking keep going. Donít let up.

Btw. Every man in that press room today is a fucking wimp.

Edit to add. If I ever see Jonathan Karl I am going to deck his ass. Even after the women stepped up he wimped out on his question. Perfect opportunity to nail him on the Google website lie. He got cut off and sat there like an abused child.

Buckle up - The ShitStain is rage tweeting

There are some on FAUX who has had enough, McTurtle calls him nuts, this week is going to get ugly. On top of what is a horrible pandemic we have the five year old leader of the Red States going off.

Typically this has been a precursor of really bad events.

Hey DUers - about those dropping poll numbers

Yes some of his support is peeling off, but it is temporary.

Remember, they are cult members. COVID-19, specifically people locked at home, is causing an issue with the plan.

People are home, bored, only so much FAUX News they can watch. Very few are flipping to CNN or MSNBC, but they are damn sure watching local and network news at a higher rate. Thus the information control is lost on some of them. Get them back to their normal lives, back to work where they migrate to like minded FAUX suckers, and the numbers will go back up.

Mike Leach has got to be one of the most ignorant MFERs in the U.S.

This ignorant MAGAt got in trouble in February for tweets slamming Romney, now he tweeted about a lady knitting a noose. The ignorant MAGAt is the new coach at Mississippi State. But here is the kicker, a couple years ago, while coach at Washington State, all PAC12 coaches were asked their favorite musician, most lined up logically. But this ignorant Fugg Head said Neil Young.

Are you friggen serious, you say Neil Young and you are an ignorant racist asshole. I think he got Southern Man and Sweet Home Alabama mixed up. Your answer should have been Kid Rock. And both of you suck ass.

Oh and he as ugly as a saggy ass.


MLB considers playing all the games in Chase Field - Phoenix

I get playing games in Phx, since half the teams have training facilities there. But why only Chase field.

All of the teams located in AZ also have Spring Training Stadiums throughout the Valley. Why not use those facilities if you aren't playing in front of fans?

Sure the teams would have to travel a bit more, but we are talking a 45 minute bus ride at most. They would have to stay in hotels so why concentrate everyone downtown. Even if lodging is the issue there are a half dozen Spring Training facilities within 20 minutes of Downtown Phx.


So after today, another reminder

The Orange ShitStain shows he cares only about himself and those that will reelect him

His base, EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM, is a piece of shit immoral person.

There is no excuse for supporting his fat ass! NONE!
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