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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Why Democrats will always lose, even when they win elections.

Earlier I posted that the Dems needed to shut down tRump. Sat back and watched the typical replies, 'what are you going to do,' 'we just need to sit back and let the election play out,'

Meanwhile the Repukes show how it is done. Protect a guy who is totally corrupt and incompetent, do absolutely nothing to rein him in. They do nothing to stop the catastrophe that the ShitStain had a huge part in escalating, their punishment? A bailout plan to fund their donors in trade for Unemployment benefits. As the thing plays out, the Dems are put on defensive for allowing some last minute changes to get in and not having proper oversight.

Now the benefits are days from running out. What should become an easy to win negotiation, get people money in trying times via unemployment benefits, becomes a negotiation because the repukes and the ShitStain won't agree. Seriously! FUCKING SERIOUSLY?

There is no negotiations, pass the fucking extension. Oh and Repukes, ShitStain, pull back the ShitStain Army now. Oh and we are going to punish every one in the goons army. Oh and we are going to fully investigate anyone who took money from Russia. Go full on talking point driven media blitz.

Objective, get the unemployment extension done. Then next week, start all over, taking off the thing that was just done, and then adding another. It really isn't that hard, it is what Repukes have been doing for thirty years. Comes down to finding enough people who want to fight and win and quieting those who want to play nice.

Oh as a plus for doing that, some of those white males who have been 'lost' to the repuke side after hearing 'liberal snowflakes' for years, they see someone standing up and telling an ignorant blowhard to shut the fuck up and they come flocking back. Yes they relate with his racism, but they also hate their fucking blowhard boss.

As for the Evangelicals, lost cause Fuck them.

p.s., the blowhard boss,... tends to make comments like, 'what are you going to do to fix it.'

I am watching the Mary Trump interview with Cuomo, first time I have seen any extended interview

Sorry, was busy the last couple of days.

That being said, I read many posts about her on DU, often very critical.

She comes across as knowledgeable, introspective, intelligent, along with many other positive attributes.

So that being said, for those critiquing her, .... I will assume you are a troll or the biggest fucking chicken little in the world. For the former, you are pathetic, for the latter, quit fucking listening to rw talking points and fucking stand up to those ignorant people tearing her down.

And yes I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF!!! But had I formed my opinion based upon DU posts, I would have figured she was deeply flawed person.

This is funny and sad - tRump is the symptom - these ignorant FUGGS are the disease.


Is anyone else as pissed off as I am? I wished I had ever bought a Goya product

So I could make sure never to buy one again.

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