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Gender: Male
Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Home country: United States
Current location: Houston, TX
Member since: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 06:34 AM
Number of posts: 4,558

Journal Archives

Yep, 4 justices to issue cert.

With the current SCOTUS numbering 8, I think a 4-4 split is the BEST case that #45 could possibly hope for. Not a chance that Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Breyer, or Kegan would decide to uphold the decision.

Kennedy has long been the wild card, and this is just the kind of federal overreach type of case he's famous for crossing over on.

Justice Roberts has at least a fair chance of crossing over and deciding in our favor. He's been fairly good about maintaining the decisions of the lower courts.

Alito and Thomas have a tendency to align their decisions with conservative causes, but in this case, especially with #45's criticism of the court, it's actually possible that the SCOTUS to give a unanimous decision to uphold the lower court decision..

Damn that would be a SWEEEEEEEEET result.

pissdrips and snowflakes.

Soooo, I'm not sure where this whole "snowflake" meme originated, but I'm more than happy to take ownership of it.

Sure, a snowflake alone is fragile, delicate, and prone to melting. However, in large numbers, which us "snowflakes" make up the majority by the vote, and our numbers in our protests, Snow is a powerful force of nature. Snowflakes in masse will bury homes, wipe out an entire forest when they avalanche down a mountainside, collapse a roof, or strand a vehicle. Snowflakes, when they stand together are a powerful force of nature.

Peeresident Rumpus followers however, I now call them pissdrips in honor of their lord and savior's extra curricular activity preferences. They aren't snowflakes, they are just the drips of piss that will run down trumps leg when he tries to tuck his tiny penis back into his trousers after using the urinal. Pissdrips are powerless, messy, deplorable, undesirable, and stinky.

So from now on, when I address them, I address them as pissdrips.

Today, I'm embracing the second amendment.

I live in Texas, but I do not like guns. As a rule, guns have never been allowed in my home.

This election has changed this. For my husband and I, going back into the closet and hiding isn't an option, we've filed joint income taxes as married for a couple of years now, and claimed the allowable back taxes, so the government has full record of our homosexuality.

Trump hasn't even taken office yet, but the whole atmosphere of this country has changed since that fateful day on November 8th. I have removed the family and friends who supported this monster from my life. We have absolutely NOTHING going for us now. They have a large majority in the house, they have the Senate (not filibuster proof, but I see them going full nuclear and declaring the Democratic minority as traitors and obstructionists to their new order), and they have this monster as their leader, and they are fanatical about him in a way that I've never seen in this country in my lifetime.

Maybe, and hopefully I will never have occasion to use these 3 Glock G17L's that I've purchased, but for once, I am thankful for the second amendment. I will kill before I allow me and my husband to be loaded onto trains or trucks for re-education, or when his brownshirts decide it is time to invade our home and make us pay for our "crimes against nature".

Tomorrow, my husband and I go to the firing range to learn how to use these weapons properly.

(edited title since I am NOT actually changing sides on this issue)

Incredible Hillary commercial! Really drives it home.

Very well done.

George Takei: Vote blue no matter who

I absolutely love the way he speaks.

I'm absolutely Hillary folk, I think they are right.

When it comes to Oregon, I'm thinking they are right, and probably around the 70% range win for Bernie.

I also think they are wrong on Kentucky, i see Kentucky either going strong Hillary, or at best (from their perspective) a narrow Hillary win. I don't see Bernie taking Kentucky.

So, what has Bernie accomplished that is worthy of so much adoration?

Senator Sanders is an INCREDIBLE orator, what has he actually done?

In all of his years in Congress only 3 bill's that he either sponsored, or co-sponsored has been made into law (none of which were particularly ground breaking or of any significant import). He's proven again and again that he's great at saying no, so I'll concede he'll be great at using the Veto power. Heck Hillary was just as successful as he was in only 8 years in Congress (not her greatest accomplishment either imho). However, Hillary had much success in the DOJ, first lady of Arkansas, FLOTUS, and Secretary of State.

So, in short.. What has Bernie DONE that makes him worthy of my (or anybody's) vote??

Latest RCP Hillary almost all the way back up to 50%.. a full +22.8 over Bernie!


Loving those trends!

A heart felt extra thank you to our Transsexual, loud mouth queens, and militant lesbians.

I'm sitting here tonight both exhilarated, and terrified of the cases going before the SCOTUS tomorrow, and reflecting on just how much things have changed for us in just the last 8 years, and over the course of my 44 years of life on this small round rock that we call home.

There's been so many people, groups, and organizations that have helped us get to where we are today with our rights, but looking back, there's 3, often highly underappreciated groups that have really born the brunt of our fight for equality, more than a few in each group who have died to get us to where we are today.

I want to thank our Transgender community.. our beloved transsexuals. Always so vocal, always so outspoken, and in every fight always in the front of the battle lines.. spiked heels in hand and refusing to be silenced. I seriously doubt we'd be anywhere near where we are today without their zest and drive.

I want to thank our politically active queens. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones who never even knew what the closet was, except for the place they keep their grand outfits. The ones who stood side by side our Transgender and lesbian communities. Our Harvey Milks.. who would also never be silenced.

I want to thank our militant lesbians. Our muscle, who likewise could always be found at the front of our battle lines, screaming down the homophobes at the rallies, making sure our voice was heard.

Like I said, there's so many more who deserve special thanks.. our allies, the Hollywood machine.. but really without these 3 group, probably more than anyone else, I have no doubt in my mind we would not be where we are today.
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