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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
October 13, 2023

Listening to Booker support the Abraham Accords

on Chris Hayes shows a fundamental naivete of the conflict in the Middle East. Of course, taming the Saudis and introducing their billions into the west is a good thing for some economies. See Jared Kushner.

Alas, the Saudis are Sunnis and have bought into western banking as an escape from the millstone of their shrinking influence of the Gawar Oil Reserves.

The Shia in Tehran are having nothing to do with this. Usury is a serious forbidden in the Quran.

No evidence to support this, but Putin is not happy with his limited successes in Ukraine. He is reliant on Iranian weaponry to replenish his stocks. Both he and the Ayatollahs would like to undermine American hegemony.

Bibi forcing his ideology on the judiciary in Israel gives him an autocratic response button. Iran is wary and Putin is too.

Hamas has no where to turn and with a little prodding of death might be better than prison, takes advantage of Bibi's peripheral vision not on high alert, jumps into martyrdom.

There doesn't seem to be a second act to Hamas jumping the shark.

Who benefits from this? A second front for US dollars might dismantle some Ukraine support particularly since the party of trump is enamored with the brilliance of Putin.

Just a speculation, but I cannot find a reason for Hamas' invasion knowing they have no escape from the wrath.

August 18, 2023

Joe Scar is doing for Christie what he did for trump.

The political calculation to defeat trump is raising Christie's status. He is dangerously wrong about the indictments and has a demagoguery that will attract many of the MAGATS once trump falters. He scares me.

August 6, 2023

'tis a fine kettle of fish we're in."

There is nothing to do but manage our tastebuds and with whom we share our meals.

It has always been.

Decided that commonality was the best pursuit. We all like to eat. Some don't care for oysters, some have allergies. Nonetheless, we share recipes.

My suggestion is for us to use food as the commonality of our decision making. It takes into consideration all of what befuddles.

Really, what do we do with kale? Shirred eggs? Come on. Sous vide?

Perhaps enlightenment comes with enjoying sea urchin.

Barbecue? Who doesn't like barbeque?

Let us solve our problems using food as the commonality. Supply, waste, cooking methodology, tipping ad nauseam.

Our politicians need to be judged on how they hold a slice of pizza or dribble green sauce from their tacos.

They need to understand what goes into the boxes in the middle aisles of the grocery.

They need to know that every gumbo you taste is the best.

You can tell a lot about a person on how they use chopsticks.

August 1, 2023

In a recent post about my travels, I described how I liked to converse.

This evening, in a KOA along Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM, I struck up a chat with my neighbors from the east side of Galveston Bay. They live on a canal and have shrunk their downstairs living space considerably, wary of tidal surge. They are heading to Colorado to visit their daughter while escaping the heat.

I told them a bit about our travels and how I wished to avoid Phoenix. He wondered why and I told him that it was too hot. He recited a tale of how his air conditioner couldn't keep up demand as he visited friends earlier this summer.

I relayed why we rode through the desert to get to manageable temps. I was struck by his defense of Phoenix and Texas as good places to visit. The heat factor did not come into his purview.

When I reiterated that 110° was too much, he agreed.
I sense it never occured to him that I was managing my passage home with the least discomfort in spite of his own desire to escape his own.

The dichotomy of retinal refraction is wonderous.

July 31, 2023

Presently on a cross country trip in my 1970 Airstream.

Left Florida on 1 June with intention to return by 7 August. Stopped in Buchanan, TN for a while. Crossed MO and NE staying at farms, wineries and such. Spent a good time at the international rally in Rock Springs, WY and experienced the high desert. Did business in many a small town from hardware, to oil change to groceries etc. I like to converse.

From there we headed to Yosemite and luckily stayed in Wanona with a niece. Different perspective being serenaded by the hotel bar pianist. Learned about all the support needed to run the park and what motivated the workers to choose that experience.
Rode down the mountains to wine country and experienced why Morro Bay was a choice escape from the heat. Many Arizonans there.

Our destination was Carlsbad for grandchildren. Rich enclave is Carlsbad.

We are on the return trip and decided to head north rather than Phoenix. Still, had to pass through Mojave Preserve to get to Kingman. Back in smaller town world. Relatively cool. We made it to Gallup where I now post. No AC needed last night.

My wife's family moved from Chicago, in the 50's to opportunity in Southern CA. My father in law was offered an opportunity in ALBQ, but was shifted to Gallup. There was an uranium boom there.

My wife's mother, after the visit, declined. My wife declared yesterday to her deceased mother, that she came back to see how it had changed.

The eastern part of I 40 in AZ is dotted with Native tourist chatchkies. We didn't stop as we have touristed out. There were few if any cars in the lots. The Natives were not leaving, regardless. It made me think about their plight.

Sitting here in Gallup, it occured to me that the locals weren't leaving either until all was lost. They will just make the best of the situation circling the wagons.

Coastal elites, of which I am one, are not moving to Gallup or Ft. Stockton or some small Rock Springs.
The people in these towns took pride in servicing my needs and have, frankly, lives filled with all the emotions. But, they sense, they are forgotten.
The flow of money bypasses them and they need an outlet for their frustrations.

They are as stubborn as we all our, in our way. But they know everyone in town and have to contend with how their society is managed. Democracies allow for voices to be heard, but speaking out of line gets ostracization. That is what makes small towns shrink. Free thinkers move to places where free thinking is allowed. What remains is a redundancy that is hard to budge.

Met a fellow in the grocery in Rock Springs with a holstered 45 on his hip. I stared, perhaps a bit too long, and he responded that I shouldn't worry, he didn't plan to use it. It made me wonder why, then, he needed to carry.

I don't know how the divide that has evolved in the US will shrink. But in spite of the Buck Fiden stickers, he is on track to share the nation's wealth. As we drove into NM, a sign declaring that the infrastructure monies were flowing to the roads. There were billboards in AZ letting women know that the health services they needed were available in NM.

People will have to read the signs, we have to make sure they see them.

June 25, 2023

Just remember, when thinking about the Wagner Force,

an army moves on its stomach.

June 10, 2023

Just finished reading the indictment and haven't heard a

discussion as to why the boxes were moved.

Trump thought he would maintain his residence in the White House. He was not a particularly organized manager of paper as he rarely wrote or read.

He was unprepared for his move and packed up a great deal of culpability.

He was looking through every box for assets for the future and documents that might expose some of his malfeasance.

He was called out by NARA and had to comply. The only boxes initially returned to the archives had already been gone through. That's why he hid them and had the attorney sign off.

He moved them to Bedminster to continue his evaluation. He carried them elsewhere to keep them close.

He marked boxes and asked for new covers because he left clues.

I have not read or heard why he moved them, but it is obvious if you read the indictment.

He let the attorneys look through the boxes he had already scoured and asked them if they found anything good or bad.

The questions about why he was so worried about the boxes need to be answered.

May 31, 2023

So, do the McCarthy's, who have no other place to go, recognize

they got a bit of benevolence to grease future swaps.
It's not fair to say they got played, because they had few sticks.
McCarthy will be saved by the necessary Democrats.

Could this be an opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation?

I suspect there will be listeners.


May 31, 2023

There are some very deep thinkers here.

Sold the big house last year. Bought a condo with tenants, beforehand. Lived in a 1970 Airstream Safari, single axle, for six months, extended, and a month here and there and some great support by kids.

Redoing the condo before our next run to Wyoming, because it's cooler there and we can.

Great condo, environment (flora and fonda; palms, cypress, magnolia, oaks, sand hills, osprey, spoonbills, storks, yellow crested night heron), but conscious of decorum.
The bushies, along my patio, inhibit my view of the pond. I quickly picked up my wife's hand clippers and went snipping.
When I walked back into the house, my wife asked me to pick up my t-shirt and asked me what I saw. I was in my underwear. She chastised that it was embarrassing
to be clad in my jockeys. I said it was okay because I had on Haines.

She was not amused. I said she had me and I recognized my faux pas. I was selfish.

But the joke. She had to have been at least lightly amused.

She got the wit, but conformity, after all these years, is
a social thing with which familiarity is the point.

You didn't get to where you are, conforming.

We are among conformists.

I've conformed because it made sense.

Autocracy is a choice where it doesn't have to make sense.


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