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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
May 23, 2023

Awright, do we face AI or hope it doesn't wash us away.

It only stops when you're dead. It's bigger than Windows. Those not in it don't know it.
Our last big change?
How will it be on the otherside?

Lot going on.

May 21, 2023

Has anyone asked DeSantis how he feels about the NAACP's

travel advisory? I have not seen anything.

May 21, 2023

Charles Blow.

Charles Fucking Blow is doing the tevee.

I've been reading this guy forever; one of the deep ones.

What motivated him to go to the air?

A wow thinkable.

He's on Ayman.

May 19, 2023

Just conversed with my SIL. He is a contractor and insurance adjuster

working in SW Florida after Ian.
Asked if the videos showing construction sites without workers were accurate. Says all the illegals are gone.
His team is trying to fill in but the current pay scale is not attracting workers.
Contractors are either going to raise the pay or their customers are going to wait.
We are in for some angst.

May 18, 2023

The Hanks interview on Ari.

A treat. Ari kept his composure, wanting to feel his oats, just the same.

This was a Barbra Walter's moment. Hanks knew he was in a gamer, with an intellectual audience; his aplomb carried.

Heavy exposure to a man living to get movies made with a connection to reality.

Ari came with some great questions to a master salesman. Hanks sells his characters and sold his character in response.

He revealed his portrayals represent the character facing the truth of a situation.

All of his characters would be best acted by him.

And everyone of us would love to be able to share ourselves so well.

May 16, 2023

Just thinking, AI disrupts the hierarchy of deep study and how

do I pass this course.
It's possibly the great equalizer that Samuel Colt never imagined.

I converse with those who find Thoreau's asking us to see what's missing on his winter farm, beyond the response, it's spring, what are you talking about?

My suggestion that all AI is watermarked, must be part of the equation.

Humanness is to be offered to the money god. Did I read all those philosophers for naught?

May 16, 2023

It's late. While I detest the focus point, he is real.

He is the epicenter of our debate on good versus evil. He is not going away.

I remember reading "Paradise Lost" and understanding Satan in his soliloquy in the desert. I paraphrase, "If it weren't for me, you (Jesus) would not be here."

Our time is not another Satan, we have our own.

We will accept or reject him as we have accepted tacos and rejected new coke.

It's pretty simple, E. Jean called him out and exposed his vileness. We need to take courage and do the same to his spawn.

Harass them, harass them. Make them relinquish the ball.

May 9, 2023

One of the nice sidebars to the Carroll case is the political

donor to trump world is going to pay E. Jean Carroll for standing up to his malfeasance.

May 3, 2023

I think I heard Ben Smith on Alex say

"One of the most important events in western civilization, was the election of Barack Obama."

If that wasn't one of the most reflective statements of our time, I'm looking for it.

It is us getting there and it must be us to keep it going.

April 24, 2023

Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp would blow up MAGATLAND.

I binge watched "Wyatt Earp," today.
First season, 1955. Hugh O'Brian.
"Brave, courageous and bold."
Was taken with his anti killing for killing's sake philosophy.
He pondered solutions to keep out of the gunfight. The return to great America.
He respected mental health in the early episodes suggesting Billy Thompson's/Thornton's shooting of the sheriff he would replace, was an act of madness. He shouldn't hang.
He convinced the Denver Pyle character to turn his brother in because Earp wouldn't let him be hung.
Earp managed to think through responses that protected the citizenry from gun violence while disarming his foes.
He used native Americans who claimed that for the first time they felt American.
This is not the MAGAT land of 1950's TV they would expect.
Earp eschewed the shootout.
Now the story line is legendary western lore.
We grew up on this and the producers would flummox today's rehistorians.
We really had some writers who recognized that radio listeners to fireside chats wanted highbrow entertainment.
Let me tell you, they put 22 minutes of heaviness in front of us kids in 1955 to 1961 with "Wyatt Earp."

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