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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
April 22, 2023

Just watched a great ad. So awesome.

The choice to belong or stay aloof.

I watched an ad, on tv.

Millions of comets pull us along.

'til we can't.

April 18, 2023

Fox gets to continue its modus operandi; lying to its bank.

That model has worked for thousands of years. I guess people can't handle the truth that they've been duped.

Let's face it, what some of us find preposterous, others find satisfying.


March 29, 2023

Me thinks we need to re evaluate our perspective.

Rather than sentient human beings, we are complex molecular structures in a larger being beyond our abilities to comprehend.

Gaia is how we present to our solar system and galaxy.

All of us are a chemical reaction within countless other reactions that contribute to the life of the planet.

We are not an organ or maybe we are. Nevertheless, we draw on the chemistry and influence the physiology of the earth.

We are no more important than the slime that escaped the primordial soup of our origins, yet we take pride in our consciousness.

Our consciousness is the rub. Somehow we think ourselves in an image beyond our consciousness.

We are no more than complex dirt.

We have our jollies wrapped up in tinsel, but cannot see the folly in tinsel.

We destroy the savages who don't want our tinsel.

Our little fights have become significant in the health of Gaia. She has the greatest immune system.

Some of us are t cells. Some of us are antibodies. Some of us are viruses or bacteria.

We have no choice but to live the experience we are in.

You do not have to be happy to have the time of your life. You only have to be alive.

Or as Frank once said, " You should be diggin' it while it's happenin'."

March 20, 2023

When I read trump's expose of his impending doom

I had a warm feeling descend through my body.

One has to reach bottom to recognize peril.

Surely, he will maintain his innocence and commandeer the awaiting flotilla of flotsam, but he knows he has reached predicament. There is no escape, only a management at best, of an unworthy credential.

I do not wish for a Cerseilian parade. It would be best to offer a Lincoln magnanimy to those willing to experience a cathartic shedding of falsehoods that kept them from smiling at their fellow Americans.

Even if he prolongs his reckoning, he is done.

We have newer battles to fight. Let us attend to them.

March 1, 2023

An aside: William Shatner is a king of kitsch.

Just watched another commercial with Martha Stewart kitsching.

Life exists outside our world.

Just saying.

February 8, 2023

The guy just blew the planet away and is enlightening everyone

he greets on his exit.

January 5, 2023

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

Those anti McCarthy people are mostly insurrectionist supporters and have held the government at bay more successfully than they did on Jan 6.
Remember, 147 republicans voted against certifying the election.
Perhaps they want to keep the house in disarray.

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