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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
June 24, 2022

Any one who votes for the party that

brought about this decision is against humanity.

June 11, 2022

It has occurred to me that the strongest force in the

inflationary influence is the fossil fuel industry.

Read a story today about an ExxonMobil gas retailer in Amherst, Massachusetts who decided that two .20 price increases in a week's time dictated by the parent, proved to him that they were profiteering.

My sense is that the oil companies are playing this out as far as it can go because they know a rising tide is coming.

Their business model is destroying the planet, yet they can't stop because that will destroy business as we know it.

They recognize the sanctions on Russia are basically sanctions on them.

MBS is working to take Saudi Arabia away from oil and his LIV project is shaking up golf.

The industry will face incredible challenges regarding cleanup and capping methane for example.

They have responsibilities to shareholders, and want to maintain their lifestyles.

We keep buying their gas, bitching unwittingly that our displeasure is only a bile that blame can salve.

May 25, 2022

Perhaps the meanderings of a jaded old goat, but

I am past the anger and frustration of contending with fellows unable to consider the alternative to senselessness.
It means some would have to change their ways; perhaps give up an addiction.
You can not break a habit. You must replace it with a more satisfying path.
I'm certain the gun manufacturers are not going to stop making money if they can by selling guns. They are hard at work convincing us all that we need them.
We are hard at work rescuing the assaulted in Ukraine with our best export.
We have tried executing murderers to instill fear in future murderers.
People will kill others with the tools available. It is a human failing.
Taking advantage of that is a human failing and ultimately immoral.
If we, as a society, can not recognize this, then we as a society cannot recognize our immorality.
As a moral human I demand that we all have the courage to call out our friends, relatives and acquaintances as immoral if they support the use of tools of death of their fellows.
We can manage our omnivorous needs more humanely as well, but we have to stop killing each other.
If shame and embarrassment fade from our standards we are not worthy of our heritage that evolved from a demand to do better.
We have to call out the fuckwads.

May 5, 2022

Methinks, the art of persuasion has run out of gas,

for some, and been taken over by the cudgel. When you have little way of convincing others that your perspective has merit and you want your way, to what alternative can you turn?
Mitch McConnell has been brilliant at avoiding the cudgel. Say what you will, he has persuaded his following to stay true to their faith. He waits for opportunities to guide, to influence.
He has an audience of users, abusers, and downright folks stuck in an age that time forgot.
It's not an enlightened bunch working on a better world, but a frustrated bunch making ends meet while making themselves feel good about it.
These people need pastors, guidance.
They don't have time to philosophize, because if they did, they would make the time.
These are our neighbors, some friends.
We are quitting on them and falling into our own self serving quagmire.
We have reached the edge of nadir.
We will not escape climate change.
We will need our neighbors more than ever.
We, who see, must be neighborly.
Our neighbors want neighbors, but are at a loss how to do it.
The recent exposure of fox patrons opened minds after CNN views, verifies our path.
There is a bit of truth in almost any statement.
Clarifying the nugget is parental.
Try as they will, they won't stop what they are trying to stop.
Our job is to help them reconcile that futility.
We won't get the entrenched, but the ones not digging so badly can be pulled out of the hole.
122°f in Pakistan.
Management of power or water in Powell and Mead.
We are in serious times.
Putin is a pustule complicating it all.
Simply, we've all let it happen.
Writing on the internet ain't going to stop it.
Drill sergeants jump into your shit before you are out of bed.
Or we accept our ice cream cone before it melts and feel good about it.

January 20, 2022

Votes have to happen.

January 14, 2022

Madeleine Dean just went Mr. Smith on Lawrence.

Don't have the vid, but I hope it shows up.

January 7, 2022

Just returned from my local Publix. While exiting

I was greeted by a man asking me to sign a petition. I asked, for what. He told me it was to authorize taxation on gambling wins. Who could argue that? Me. I know that the amendment is to expand sports gambling here in Florida to basically allow expansion to go outside the bounds of Tribal agreements. Doral, comes to mind.
There were seven or eight men in this fairly small parking lot, doing the same. I bet it is happening elsewhere tonight in Florida to get this amendment on the ballot.
It would appear to me that the organization behind this effort has other fingers on buttons.
We don't think as transactionally as do the monied people.
They are preying with a well rehearsed spiel, on the unsuspecting.
If you sign the petition for what you think it's for, you are more than likely to vote for it.

January 6, 2022

Does the DOJ have a committee that attends to the

Crime of the Day? We've watched those law firm shows and the rounds. You have to think that somebody there has to read a paper; maybe read a history book.

Socrates drank the hemlock, so some say, to protect the rule of law.

This is playing out in our lives.

We are characters in a Greek comedy, or so I hope.

December 17, 2021

Curious as to how Roger Stone

would respond to a barrage of questions from each member of the panel and have to plead the 5th for 4 hours or so. Would he have a fit of pique and let a secret escape? Or would that be torturous and be chastised for art imitating reality?

December 11, 2021

Citizens arrest has its merits. Does it work today?

It's an esoteric thought. We should call each other out like when we were kids. But thinkers began to parse or manage words. It works against those without words, very well.

Whence the citizens arrest? Is it defense of written regulation or simply humanity?

Call out the bozo? Have you not been a bozo?

Call out the bozo if you have confidence in your justification.

Learn from your mistakes.

Raise the level of consciousness to inspire yourself and your peers.

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