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Member since: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 647

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It occured to me that I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Most of us know you can't go home once you've left. We are here. Good or bad, we anticipate what's next. Evidence of what's happening swirls. We check our pulse.
We have various degrees of preparedness. Just the same, we are in the same boat. I think Bligh in "Men Against the Sea." Bligh landed his craft.
Democrats could take a lesson. The sea is relentless. This is where we are.

I could not be inspired to throw a perfect pitch

in Atlanta during the World Series with that chant in the background. Curious about those that can.

There are those who work to make it better for all

and those who will take advantage of those improvements to better themselves regardless of the impact; which will require a response by those still interested in making it better for all. Should those working to make it better for all, join those whose interest is hedonistic, human nature towards helping all helps oneself, will be set back. Will that happen? And if it does, what then for the rest of us. I tire trying to enlighten a wall.
When I retired from teaching, my melancholy was the unfinished canvass. At least, then, young minds could be impressed. Conversing with older protectionists keeps my wits active, but rote waves will take my sand castle down.
Perhaps, that's all there is.

Twenty five cents says that trump,

as a pariah, in a quagmire of corruption investigations, will soon become Enquirer fodder.

Thanks for the heart. Figured I was the least likely

curmudgeon. I'll look in the mirror and maybe find a why. Thanks, again. My pulse felt good.

Just because it had to happen.


Twenty five cents says the bullies won't show up.

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