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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
November 20, 2023

Been contemplating about the younger thinkers out there today.

I was in their midst until 2017 when I clapped my last eraser.
2007 was a seminal year. The smart phone showed up. It was the beginning of shared knowledge from peers rather than expertise. Kids always learn the dirty words from their buds, but still listened to their living ancestors.

Those students of 10 to 18 are now 26 to 34.
They rarely sit at the dinner table.

Think about this contrast: Many of us wished for our Santa presents off a Sears or Zayres or Woolworth's flyer.

Not saying everyone gets what they hope for, but the pressure on those without and even those, with, sparingly, is mighty intense.

Who has influence on the youth?

Not us. We let that go.

I'm sure there is justifiable disagreement, but I suspect that to be anecdotal.

We have little influence on what is coming down in the next decades, but we can fend off a whirlwind of betrayal if we get our dander up one last time.

November 16, 2023

Made a comment the other day on the Biden, Xi

meeting, that we were still in the driver's seat and Biden's response would indicate where we are.

I am not a diplomat and can't gather all the nuance, but Xi knows he has more in the game he can't walk away from.
Biden had to acknowledge this and agree to personal discussions.
Xi knows we know the consequences of war and are opposed to engage.
It is left to an amicable relationship, according to Xi, that there is room enough on the planet for both.

I had an international friend explain to me about NAFTA, that it was going to happen, regardless. Best to manage than be managed.

That is what we face. Tired as he was, Biden faced the press.

Be aware, that is who we face. I'd rather Biden and his team than the alternative by a long shot.

November 11, 2023

Joe Biden is too old. Who are you going to vote for

when the other guy wants to ruin what makes you proud to be American?

You are in the booth.

We got this far. I can't see us going back.

November 10, 2023

Saw this guy on Chris Hayes

who reported conversations from those living on Israel side of Gaza border who he described as kinda like hippies who were hoping peace would win.
Just caught the end so missed his name and maybe a tape will clarify my impressions, but was struck by the idea that peace could win.

Isn't that what it's all about?

Those people are are in flux as are we who hope for the same.

November 9, 2023

Somebody is picking a fight in Syria.

Naggingly. Worrisome.

November 8, 2023

Question. New York City wedding on horizon.

Staying in FIDI.
What is current tipping norm for concierge, luggage, housekeeping etc.
Been a while since we did downtown.

October 26, 2023

Ali Vitali is reporting on the ascendency of

the new Speaker Johnson and she is accurately describing the complications of his past on the present. Some might think she is approaching this in a biased fashion from the left, but it is evident to me, so much of what is reported protects the right having to have a voice at the table.
Let us hope more Ali Vitali's are allowed to tell the truth.
The other side, more often than not, is an acquiescence to the dollars of that faction.
Americans can handle the truth. It just needs to get on the page.

She is more confident in her reporting. Hope her bosses appreciate it.

October 24, 2023

My philosophical thoughts on the posts on Israel. Might need a second read.

There's a lot going on here and I am unsettled.

Everyone's voice shares truth; not a complete truth.

We want what matters to fit our world view. We have worked for years to construct our ego to protect our id. Some of us even project a super ego; we accept the truth in spite of ourselves.

On display is our response to our heritage. We all have at least heard of the bible. Our understanding of what went into it is personal; maybe suspect.

It is showing up in countless posts and represents the individuality of perspective and the lack of consensus that has moved society to thoughtful progress. We talk about the divide in America, but we must recognize we Democrats are not a monolith.

Some want a return to the simple truths of narrow thinking. Frankly, that's not going to happen to the narrowest of thinkers. Hence, their justifiable angst.

Every event has to be judged on it's own. The antecedents become cloudy after a time. The speculation on the unfolding is essential and natural.

We have to look at Israel knowing all of this.

Israel was thrust upon us by those who knew best.

You can't judge something until it has happened and when you do, you have to forgive those for not knowing better. Knowing better is a different story.

Dealing with the worthiness of modern Israel is moot. The consequences of that imposition is not.

We must address that which is not, to have any chance of peace.

This conversation has gone on for a long time. I have read from both positions and the defenses of such. Each is justifiably true, but not the truth.

Regardless, we are here in a world of atrocity and war. Whose eye is the first to go is beyond a solution.

The anger of the oppressed is on full display and the irony of how Machiavelli tried to share the successes and failures of those who had to manage this conflict should make us pause before we put ourselves over our fellow man.

Sr. Winifred, my fourth grade teacher when I questioned the catechism on rationalization, told me it was the worst sin. Worse than murder? Yes, for it was the rationalization, the justification for the sin.

That is where we are. It is on full display here at DU.

Be wise, Grasshopper.

October 20, 2023

Just had a post removed and tried to respond

but there is no means to do so. Didn't think my post was "kooky." Perhaps you could guide me through this.

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