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cachukis's Journal
cachukis's Journal
April 24, 2023

Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp would blow up MAGATLAND.

I binge watched "Wyatt Earp," today.
First season, 1955. Hugh O'Brian.
"Brave, courageous and bold."
Was taken with his anti killing for killing's sake philosophy.
He pondered solutions to keep out of the gunfight. The return to great America.
He respected mental health in the early episodes suggesting Billy Thompson's/Thornton's shooting of the sheriff he would replace, was an act of madness. He shouldn't hang.
He convinced the Denver Pyle character to turn his brother in because Earp wouldn't let him be hung.
Earp managed to think through responses that protected the citizenry from gun violence while disarming his foes.
He used native Americans who claimed that for the first time they felt American.
This is not the MAGAT land of 1950's TV they would expect.
Earp eschewed the shootout.
Now the story line is legendary western lore.
We grew up on this and the producers would flummox today's rehistorians.
We really had some writers who recognized that radio listeners to fireside chats wanted highbrow entertainment.
Let me tell you, they put 22 minutes of heaviness in front of us kids in 1955 to 1961 with "Wyatt Earp."

April 22, 2023

Just watched a great ad. So awesome.

The choice to belong or stay aloof.

I watched an ad, on tv.

Millions of comets pull us along.

'til we can't.

April 18, 2023

Fox gets to continue its modus operandi; lying to its bank.

That model has worked for thousands of years. I guess people can't handle the truth that they've been duped.

Let's face it, what some of us find preposterous, others find satisfying.


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