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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,668

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Please...take a look. "Obama loves kids".. please, Yes you will smile,..enjoy..

I think Google complies ALL PICTURES, YES ALL....from Democratic Underground..(no I didn't do it, I don't know how!!!)
.please enjoy(you got to hit the link) It isn't one picture or ten, it over 200 pictures..

not sure but . THIS SEEMS TO RELOADS ENDLESSLY....MORE AND MORE AND MORE.. it is a pick me up ...yes...all kinds of pictures..from Democratic Underground......
...................you will enjoy this one.................


I am glad my grandparents weren't tear gassed when they got off the boat in 1910(Ellis Island)

They had to stay there a week to prove they did not have tuberculosis. They all did. So our border patrol used tear gas on those who wanted to come to this country. Times have changed. In 1910 all were welcomed from to the U.S. from all parts of the world. I was told that people had to be able to read a language, (any language and no tuberculosis) Maybe that was not true, but that is what I read. All of that changed in the mid 20s with the Immigration Act of 1924. Now, our police tear gas some who approach our border..How sad.

Dr. Cathleen London, running against Susan Collins in 2020 for Senate..She's a Democrat

originally posted in Maine Group. by Julian Englis..

.My comment: If you want to beat a sitting U.S. senator, you had better start very early. Dr. London has done just that, and to beat Collins she will need as much support as possible. She seems very highly qualified to beat Collins and become a U.S. Senator. But she is going to need lots of money to beat Collins. It would be a great win for our side.

Link to Cathleen London's website..

Julian Englis post one week ago, Nov 18, in the Maine website here at DU : ,,


The Baraboo School District leaders in Wisconsin need to go back to school...

Yes, Stupid is Stupid..!!! Nazi salute, no punishment.. These young men are now seniors at the school.
They were Juniors last year when the picture was taken. Some kind of punishment should be given, even if it is a few days of community service. (say 2 days?)
..But, whoever made this decision is a fool. Baraboo Wisconsin is a very easy name to remember. Baraboo rhymes with fool. That area contains a well known tourist attraction known as "The Dells." A whole lot of people go there for vacations.
...So as this news spreads around the country, many people will go elsewhere..Yes the news has already spread, but this news is like an infection of "stupidity" "Boy they are stupid fools in Baraboo." Let's go somewhere else. " We can go to Madison Wisconsin or maybe somewhere else." There are other nice places to go in Wisconsin rather than ...Baraboo...

...So, the tourist attractions, the motels, the restaurants, tourist shops, etc, lose 25 percent of their income because Baraboo is a fool. That whole area suffers because of the "stupidity." The entire country knows about Baraboo and the Junior Prom pictures. Of course, the people in Baraboo, the school district leaders, and many members of the community think they are "immune from the infection." No punishment?..

..Immune?...People talk to each other..something like... "They are Nazi's in Baraboo and the Dells. Let's go somewhere else.."How does this news spread?? Well.....we know....(if you are reading this).maybe Baraboo and the Dells don't have the "internet." Not true. Is there anything at all that gives proof to the idea that Baraboo and the Dells will be infected and pay a price.???
....Well.....17 days ago there was an election in the U.S.A. Mr. Stupid himself (Mr. Trump) went around the country talking and people everywhere rejected "Mr. Stupid" because he is insensitive and mean..How did that news get around to everyone?. "Internet"
.....Even Wisconsin rejected the Republican governor, Mr. Scott and elected a Democrat, Tony Evers.. There is the proof that people do not like mean and insensitive. The Nazi salute is very, very, stupid and mean and insensitive... The word spreads...Next spring and summer the community around Baraboo, will find out. People already know about Baraboo and it's salute. And the stupidity behind the "no punishment" decision.. There is a price to pay for ignorance about "Nazi Salutes"....
...Three more sentences ..I live a few hours from Baraboo and the Dells, and I will never spend another penny there. I have been there and done that and will never go back there. And, I am not alone...

Perhaps, Trump's lies about the Khashoggi murder will take him down..

It looks like Trump has taken on the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and lied about what they knew and when they knew it. I know little about this. But if that agency has pride in finding the truth and knowing it, and then Trump lies about what they told him, then it shows Trump's own stupidity.
.. People in the CIA risk their lives to bring back truthful information to their superiors and the U.S.A.

All Trump had to say is this is "all classified" and then shut up. What is your opinion? I really don't know.

Proof that Trump is sick.

At 6:21am on Thanksgiving Day, Trump has got to tweet this..
Donald J. Trump
✔ @realDonaldTrump

Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster. It is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any Circuit in the Country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. Judges must not Legislate Security...

6:21 AM - Nov 22, 2018


Can't he just take a day off?...Who even thinks like this at 6:21am on Thanksgiving morning?. I woke up wondering about dinner. Being thankful I am alive and have friends and relatives who care about me...(and I am able to care about them) He gave us proof that he is nuts at 6:21 ET on 11/22/18

Sheryl Sandberg Says She saw Materials from PR Firm

Source: NBC News..(Facebook)

Sandberg, who last week said she hadn't known about the work of "Definers Public Affairs", said that emails referencing the firm had crossed her desk. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, on Wednesday revised her account of her knowledge of the company's relationship with Definers Public Affairs, the Washington-based public relations firm that the company hired last year and fired this month after a firestorm over the firm's tactics.

Definers, a firm founded by Republican operatives, has drawn criticism since The New York Times reported last week that it pushed reporters to investigate ties between billionaire George Soros and anti-Facebook advocates -- a tactic that Soros' office called a smear campaign with echoes of anti-Semitism.

Sandberg, who is second in command at the company to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, said in a statement posted online on Wednesday that she had learned more about Definers in recent days after ordering her staff to check records.

"I asked our team to look into the work Definers did for us and to double-check whether anything had crossed my desk," she said.

What they found, Sandberg wrote, was: "Some of their work was incorporated into materials presented to me and I received a small number of emails where Definers was referenced."

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/facebook-s-sheryl-sandberg-says-she-saw-materials-pr-firm-n939186

Previously, Sandberg, Facebook's COO said she knew nothing about ..Definers.

Evidently, Facebook was criticized by George Soros, so Facebook hired this firm, Definers to go after Soros. Going after Soros meant that Definers would try to blunt Soros's criticism of Facebook by reaching out to reporters and ridiculing Soros and his statements. (that is my opinion of what is meant here.) In order to get more info, you would have to read the NYT expose on Facebook. Further, Sandberg claimed she didn't know, but now she says basically she had some material "cross her desk" That is, Facebook indeed, did hire Definers, and Sandberg lied about that. (that is what the story seems to say)

Additional opinion....It is not, repeat not a good idea to revise a story, about whether or not one did indeed lie about something that you said, you didn't do (didn't know about this company) (Definers) and then say, Yes, "We did hire this company, that is..."some work was incorportated into materials presented to me.." A lot like telling one lie, after another..Is that correct?
So..The COO lied about something that involved digging up info on a critic of her company. In the process, that company "Definers" also lied about the critic of the company..Soros.

Question ? Is Trump the meanest, most selfish President in the last 100 years?..

Say from Woodrow Wilson to today..
....Was Nixon more selfish?..Bush Jr.?...Yes, Nixon was mean..Was he more selfish than Trump?..
....Thank You for your opinion..

Couple finds winning lottery ticket, cleaning house, 2 weeks before experiation: worth 1.8 million

Yahoo News..


Harold and Tina Ehrenberg hit the jackpot — literally — as they tidied up their Mandeville, La., home this week while preparing to host a Thanksgiving crowd. On a nightstand in their bedroom, Tina stumbled upon a few forgotten lottery tickets — and one was a winning ticket that entitled them to a $1.8 million jackpot.

But that’s not even the craziest part. It turns out the pair claimed the prize just in the nick of time. Winnings for draw-style lottery games like this one must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing, Kimberly Chopin, director of communications for the Lousiana Lottery, told Yahoo Lifestyle. The winning ticket belonged to a June 6, 2018, drawing but wasn’t claimed until Nov. 19. That left a mere two weeks until the window would close and the Ehrenbergs would lose their prize forever.

“I checked the numbers three times,” Tina told Yahoo Lifestyle. Then she recruited Harold to log onto the Louisiana Lottery’s website and check while she read aloud the numbers they’d picked — 03-07-30-31-35-38 — just to make sure it wasn’t her imagination. Then it dawned on the couple that they might have waited too long — and panic set in.

OK..Here is a stupid comment from Mississippi, (I didn't make this up-NOT FLORIDA!!)

this comment was made on.. Friday November 2...a couple of weeks ago..

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s comments — she was caught on video telling a supporter........
"She'd be in the "front row" of a public hanging if he invited her, and that perhaps Mississippi should make it harder for “liberal folks” to vote"......

— are expected to be front and center Tuesday during the only debate between Espy and Hyde-Smith. Her campaign has released statements denying ill intent with either remark.
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