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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,747

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Trump proved just two things with this morning's tweet about Gretta

That Donald Trump is an insensitive stupid bully...He proved it to everyone in the world..Even his supporters now know how..... "low he can get."

2. He really is much too stupid and insensitive to be a leader of anything.

What is wrong with this picture?..Bette Midler asks.

Hit the link below, and look for those words, "What is Wrong With this Picture"..take a look, and see if you agree something is wrong. If someone can copy and post Bette's picture here, that is ok . What do you think?
To be specific, it is the 2nd picture down, in the middle of the page of scene in an art museum.. Take a look, yes, I had better add this: sarcasm

At 7:55 into this, Bill Clinton comments on Impeachment (He doesn't say much, but here it is)

I think this is today's quote...Quote about 25 seconds. Watch the rest if you desire..

Here is a synopsis of the first article of impeachment: CNN:


.....Democrats have accused the President of abusing his power by withholding nearly $400 million in US military aid to Ukraine and the prospect of a visit to the Oval Office by new President Volodymyr Zelensky in order to coerce the former Soviet state into investigating potential 2020 foe Joe Biden. Such conduct, they say, is worthy of impeachment because it amounts to bribery, puts Trump's own political goals ahead of America's national interests and effectively invited a foreign power to interfere in a US election.

Why is this important?.... Not only does this describe the offense, but in the description, a person who reads this, understands clearly what is happening. It is not mumbo jumbo...But it is an easy to understand idea.
No money in U.S. aid, unless Ukraine investigates a political opponent of the President of the United States.. Trump's own political goals are put .."... ahead of America's national interests, and effectively invited a foreign power to interfere in a US election.

That is very easy for anyone to understand. Further, given the nature of the investigation up to this point, it is very easy to read the proof that Trump did indeed commit this crime.


That is it...and that is all there has to be.....And the money was indeed withheld for a time. time...........

This is simple, easy to read and understand, and since the money was withheld, the total truth. And yes...That is against the law, and the Constitution of the United States of America...(abuse of power by President Trump)

(I do not know how long the money was withheld. Perhaps someone can add that to this mix of information. An.
And,...... thank you for reading this)

A mistake in Latest News Forum....Original post..says, Dow Dropped 400 points today..

That is misleading, the Original Post was last Tuesday, December 3rd, not today December 10..Take a look and you will see that the headline is misleading..That news is a week old.

Here is the exact first sentence....

U.S. equities sank on Tuesday after President Donald Trump suggested he may want to delay a trade deal with China until after the 2020 presidential election.

and guess what ...? Today is Tuesday....

Republicans can lie their asses off to protect Trump, but there is a price that will be paid.

...Not complicated, but pretty simple. Trump lies all the time or whole lot of the time. So, to protect Mr. Trump, the Republicans have to lie too. To cover up a lie, you need another and another and so on. Some lies are worse than the original, but it is all a bunch of lies.
...Most families raise their children not to lie. That it is bad to lie and the truth is very important. Business know that, families know that and politicians know that. But to protect Trump who is a pathological liar, Republicans will have to lie. When the next election comes the price will be due: Not only will Trump lose, but the Republican Party will suffer its worst defeat ever. Why? They are a bunch of liars and crooks and will do anything to protect Trump.
...A few will not stand by Trump and will tell the truth, but that is a few. Those few who tell the truth in safe districts will be reelected
... But most will stand by the liar in charge and lie some more. It is like hearing, "Trump did nothing wrong." No proof, etc. etc. etc. A casual observer knows the truth, and when the Republicans and Trump lie about it, a price will be paid.
... Some Republicans know the truth and already have decided to not run for reelection. But many think they can pull off the great lie that Trump is ok and doing a good job..(in spite of the lies) Keep in mind that this is not a few lies here and there. This is lies about anything and everything. Come November these assholes will suffer their greatest defeat for backing Trump. No the Republican Party will not be destroyed, but it will take some years to get back their following.
... Why say that? It has happened before and political parties that have lost big came back in one form, in another form, or the same form as before. In 72 they said the Democratic Party was totally destroyed by McGovern, and guess who won in 76? Jimmie Carter a Democrat.
...Next November is a long time in the future, and anything can happen. We will see. I sure hope I am right and we win big. With that big win, we will be able to do a whole lot that we cannot do now.

Ok..Funniest Movie that you ever saw? or Funniest Movies. (either ok) as many as you wish

(Yes, maybe we've done it before, but worth doing again....) Yes, we all need laugh!

1. The Producers.
2. Blazing Saddles
3. A couple of Marx Bros. movies (forgot their names, but remember laughing hard)

Today, I did something I don't think I have ever done before..?? I used a knife to make a peanut

butter and jelly sandwich, and in an effort to keep the kitchen clean....(something I don't do very well)

I washed the knife before I ate the sandwich .........??

I used a paper plate, and when it was all over, knife is in drawer, paper plate thrown out, kitchen table clean, counter clean..(I put the peanut butter away and the jar of jelly away. ).....So, everyone has to do things their own way. I have been living in a place with a kitchen of my own, for about 50 years...give or take a year...and that is the first time I did that....That is all I got to report. It ain't winning the lottery, or getting married, but it is something new.

...Kitchen is spotless...just as it was before the lunch....Oh well.....what is next?

I don't think this has ever been reported before, so that is another thing that is a first!!

Where All Frauds Are Legal."Welcome to the weird world of medical billing."NewYorkTimes:

By Elisabeth Rosenthal
Ms. Rosenthal, a journalist and physician, is a contributing opinion writer.
Dec. 7, 2019, 2:00 p.m. ET

Much of what we accept as legal in medical billing would be regarded as fraud in any other sector.

I have been circling around this conclusion for this past five years, as I’ve listened to patients’ stories while covering health care as a journalist and author. Now, after a summer of firsthand experience — my husband was in a bike crash in July — it’s time to call out this fact head-on. Many of the Democratic candidates are talking about practical fixes for our high-priced health care system, and some legislated or regulated solutions to the maddening world of medical billing would be welcome.

My husband, Andrej, flew over his bicycle’s handlebars when he hit a pothole at high speed on a Sunday ride in Washington. He was unconscious and lying on the pavement when I caught up with him minutes later. The result: six broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken finger, a broken collarbone and a broken shoulder blade.

The treatment he got via paramedics and in the emergency room and intensive care unit were great. The troubles began, as I knew they would, when the bills started arriving.

I will not even complain here about some of the crazy high charges: $182 for a basic blood test, $9,289 for two days in a room in intensive care, $20 for a pill that costs pennies at a pharmacy. We have great insurance, which negotiates these rates down. And at least Andrej got and benefited from those services.

What I’m talking about here were the bills for things that simply didn’t happen, or only kind-of, sort-of happened, or were mislabeled as things they were not, or were so nebulously defined that I couldn’t figure out what we might be paying for.

To be clear, many of the charges that I would call fraudulent — maybe all of them — are technically legal (thanks sometimes to lobbying by providers), but that doesn’t make them right. And no one would accept them if they appeared on bills delivered by a contractor, or a lawyer or an auto mechanic. There were so many of these charges that I came up with categories to keep track of them:

(rest of story at link above..)

.......................How to keep from losing stuff around the house..(edited)................

..I just almost lost an important bill, because I wasn't paying attention to my inner voice that said, "No, don't do that" I was going to lay it on top of a pile of stuff. (but I caught myself this time....Yea!!!!!)
...Here is the information, and it is very simple. If it is an important thing, (whatever it is) place the thingie in an open space, where you can see it.......That sounds simple enough, don't it??

...If you keep some table tops and counters totally EMPTY of stuff, and then you place something on that empty space..(and it is an important thingie) then you can see the thing, no matter what it is. It is not covered up by anything, and as you look for it, it will be in plain sight and easily found. That is the secret, and guess what?....IT IS NO SECRET..!!!!!!!!!

..Now keeping empty spaces is difficult for me, cause I got to save everything..OK.. ( I have accepted that about me)... but I misplace things, and spend hours looking for them, then I need to keep spaces EMPTY..so I can place stuff that I want to find on top of that empty space. The thing can be a bill, a book, a reminder, a letter, some sort of small instrument, a roll of tape, a tool, a special pen or pencil that reminds me of something, a check, or a checkbook, ...or anything that gets covered up by another thing)

...If I cover it up, and can't see it, it could be lost for days...BUT............AND THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BUT.....(not this kind of butt) you know like a beautiful model's butt) ...But if it is a special thing, and I can see it in an empty space that is occupied just by that thing, then ...it will not be lost at all, it will be found in a very short search....

...I know it sounds ridiculous, but I spend hours sometime looking for things, and this is a way that really works. REPEAT, iF THE THING IS IMPORTANT, PUT THAT THING IN A PLACE THAT YOU CAN SEE IT, (all of it, not part of it) then when we do the inevitable search, it can be found rather quickly because it is seeable, and can be seen right away, rather than covered up by an old magazine, or a new magazine, or a book, or anything else. If it important, and you don't want to lose (edited) it,......
..............THEN KEEP....IT....WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT..........(not covered by anything else)

........ (Time is up for this one, I got to go look for my check that was sent by the government for last year's tax return...????.....oops....I just made that one up for a laugh) ....maybe this idea will work, and if it does NOT WORK...
.....DON'T CALL ME, CALL MR. TRUMP..........................................................................................................................
...he thinks he knows everything, but, and ...Trump is indeed a stupid fromp.

.(...no, I don't know what a fromp is, I just made it up, in order to end this one, good luck!!!)
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