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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,668

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

I am guessing his indictment will be Tuesday...June 12, ..next Tuesday..Why?

Just a guess I guess. Next week for sure..

Why? or Why Not?

You Tell Me..Please...

About the word F***. An observation.

I think we will see it used more and more around here. In headlines and other places too.
It is just an observation.
I do not advocate it's use, or am I opposed to it.
It is a good word often used by many. I have used it many times. (end of observation)

Amid Reports of New Massacre, Nations Press Syria

Source: New York Times


Published: June 6, 2012

Syrian opposition activists reported a mass killing of villagers by pro-government militiamen and security forces on Wednesday — if verified, the fourth massacre in less than two weeks — threatening to inject a new surge of angry momentum into the growing international effort to isolate President Bashar al-Assad and remove him from power.

The accounts of the mass killing, in the village of Qubeir in central Hama Province, could not be independently corroborated, and United Nations monitors in Syria could not immediately gain access to the site. The accounts said that as many as 78 civilians were killed, half of them women and children, including 35 members of one family. Some were burned and stabbed.

The killings were reported as representatives of more than 55 countries pressing for Mr. Assad’s resignation threatened to sharply expand their financial pressure on his government at a meeting in Washington sponsored by the United States Treasury, and as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Turkey, an outspoken critic of Syria, for further talks on how to quickly reach a solution to the Syria crisis that would depose Mr. Assad.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/07/world/middleeast/syrian-leader-appoints-new-prime-minister.html?hp

Mitt Romney: Obama Slowed the Recovery On Purpose

Source: Talking Points Memo

4:42 pm Eastern Time

At a campaign appearance in San Antonio, TX Wednesday, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of slowing down the economic recovery on purpose in order to get his health care plan passed.

The transcript:

“A book that was written in a way thats apparently pro-President Obama, was written by a guy named Noam Scheiber and in this book he says that there was a discussion about the fact that Obamacare would slow down the economic recovery in this country and they knew that before they passed it. But they concluded that we would all forget how long the recovery took once it had happened, so they decided to go ahead. The idea that they knowingly slowed down our recovery in order to put in place Obamacare, which they wanted and they considered historic but the American people did not want or consider historic, is something which I think deserves a lot of explaining, because I think the President’s responsibility is to put people back to work. To get people out of poverty and to help people have good jobs and have prospects for a brighter tomorrow.”

Read more: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entries/mitt-romney-obama-slowed-recovery-on-purpose?ref=fpa

You know Mitt is so honest and always right

Mitt will say anything, anytime..any lie that can be thought of ..That is Mitt...

Another example of hypocrisy in the media..

Yahoo reports that a singer on some tv show told a story that was a blatent lie. (America's Got Talent)

This is the way the headline looked at 11:40am central time..(.they may change it.)

Talent' breakout star caught in a lie
Veteran Tim Poe had the audience in tears with his heartbreaking story, now proven false


When Romney did the same, it was not reported..
I wonder why?

I agree. I read many articles even in so called "fair outlet" that were slanted.

We only got a reasonable view in some on line outlets. So much "this election sets a record in costs." So What? Big friggen deal.
IT was worth it. I believe. Yet the cost overuns at the pentagon which are acutally hundreds of times the costs of this election are
totally accepted as part of business by the same people who pushed this crap about how much the election cost. It is just very sad to understand that idea. Incredible...IT is and was OK was to build bombs and killing machines as part of the cost of protecting ourselves, while a big bill to recall someone who hurt people is spending "too much"...think about that one..

Hate, Anger, Fear and Stupidity won last night

People who vote against thier own intersts are not smart. That is what I believe. If the media saturates the airwaves with
the idea that the recall election is a bad idea, and 65 million is too much to spend on it, in spite of the fact, that the recall is a form of democracy, then those that use that excuse vote against the idea of democracy. The idea that we could get rid of someone who clearly hurts people falls short, and the idea that we as a society would spend that much money to achieve that goal (that that idea is very bad) wins is sad. I saw many many articles about how much it cost to carry out the election and how much was spent.At MSNBC that cost was a major story for days, as it was in many other outlets. That one idea may have helped to doom Barrett.

The right wing will do anything to win, and if they convinced 178 thousand voters in Wisconson that the recall was a bad thing,then they succeeded in using fear, and hate to convince the people to vote for Walker as opposed to someone that would help people. It worked.There was Anger against us because we wanted to use the tools of democracy to change a bad result won. All over the media were stories about how expensive this was, and that recalling Walker was a waste of time and money. Anger at that was real in some minds. Those waste of time stories and ads, may have really outweighed those stories about how Walker hurt people. Those stories about waste and cost of this election were somehow more beleiveable than those stories about how he hurt people. Even some the people who potentially and in real terms were "hurt" by Walker bought those lies. Those haters didn't see the election was about helping themselves. The idea of saving some money in the election became stronger than the idea of saving people. The ads and stories worked. People voted against themselves again. The election will result in poorer education . Less health for Wisconson. Less middle class in Wisconsin. Stupidity wins. Hate wins. We all loose..

Computer Models Could be Wrong..here is why.

If this election has an huge number of late voters, or so many that the model does not take that into account, then they could be wrong.
If the people that are voting, all vote for the Democrat, then the model and the exit polls would be wrong. period..
Let us count them all...ok?

OK, I'm nuts...ok..less than 14 percent of Milwaukee County has been counted. 10:35 eastern time nt

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