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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 29,336

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Proof that Trump doesn't give a s**t about anyone but himself..He doesn not wear a mask..

...Donald Trump sets an example by not wearing a mask. Others think and follow their leader. They think that they are protected too just like Donald Trump. People around Trump wear a mask, kind of like respect for the President of the United States.. Obviously, those around Trump don't want him to get sick. So, in that way Trump is protected,,,,since everyone around him wears a mask. Therefore Trump is ...protected..
...But that is not true of those out in the real world. Those out in the real world, see Trump as their..."leader" and because Mr. Trump doesn't wear one, why should they? It is the ultimate in selfish behavior. Trump doesn't care if that kills people, he only cares about himself, and no one else.

Donald Trump could be working a new con job..

...The federal government announced it is closing 13 virus testing sites across the country..and in Texas too.... Now, Trump really doesn't plan to close any sites...but..When TRUMP REOPENS THE SITES....HE WILL LOOK LIKE HE IS COOPERATING WITH THE PUBLIC...

...Donald Trump then looks like a good guy, listening to the public about an important issue, and takes the heat off of his performance at the rallies.. You see, Trump never planned to close the sites at all, but by looking like he listens to the experts and the public, Trump looks like ...........A GOOD GUY....!!!!!!!!!!

...This one is so stupid that it has Trump's imprint of stupidity on it... Now lets say Trump does not reverse this one, then it will become a major issue in the campaign. But he never planned to close them in the first place, it is just another ........CON JOB...!!!!!!!!!!! really? yes really?....not to hard to figure out , is it?

Trump not kidding when he talked about slowing down testing, CNN:


If you hit the link above, you have to scroll down about 1/2 page, to a section titled, "Nation on its knees" to find this statement..

Here is the key paragraph about what Trump said:

....."I don't kid, let me just tell you, let me make it clear," Trump said before leaving for Arizona. "By having more tests, we have more cases," he added. Experts say testing is the key to tracking true incidence of the disease and breaking chains of infections. Fauci said that the US planned to test more people not fewer. And while Trump's claims that the US leads the world in gross numbers of tests produced, the total conducted over five months -- 22 million, according to Redfield -- is far short of what health experts say is necessary in per capita terms to defeat the virus.

If Trump doesn't use funds already allocated for testing, then what?

You can see the story at the link below...


But, Trump has already said words like........"If we don't test, then we won't have as many cases"..
Did Trump say that in the last few days?..Is that an impeachable act? Money allocated to test & save lives, but Trump does not use the money?..Didn't he say the numbers would go down, if we don't test?...Am I making this up?..What the hell is Donald Trump doing? How could he say something like that, and then not spend the money? Maybe I got this one wrong..That is ok, I make mistakes and admit them..But, is this story about not using the money the truth?...I do know that he said something like that at a rally. Could someone explain this to me..please???

Note: That story was posted yesterday afternoon.... by PSPS... at about 2:30pm ET

The original story is from ...The Independent...very reliable source... I think the original story was published
yesterday Here is a link to the original story:


Question, How can there be only one polling place in Louisville Kentucky?

A city of 580,000 people? Is that correct? or is that some kind of joke?

Someone please explain, I do not understand...

An Opinion About Lincoln Project Ads - - Why So Effective..

....The reason these ads are so effective is that the people who make them, know that Trump is the worst president ever. These film makers want to save this country that they love. The film makers want these ads to be as close to "perfect" as possible. It doesn't look like it, but they spend a lot of time on each ad to make it just right. The Lincoln Project knows what is at stake in November and so do we. We must save the U.S.A., and these ads will help. We need all the help we can get. Thank You Lincoln Project for your ads.

We have had this arguement about masks before..."seat belts" in the 70s and early 80s..

Why put on your seat belt? I don't want to be told to put one on. So I won't. When the cars first had them, not everyone used it. Then, they passed rules that said you had to put them on..People didn't. No one is going to tell me what to do??? (sound familiar?)...

Jimmy Carter mandated that belts be installed in 84 cars in front. (not sure when the mandate went through on the back seats....At the link below, check out deaths on the highway late 70s and early 80s compared to now, and number of cars on the road...and gradual decrease in deaths after people started wearing them, & air bags installed, & other safety devises mandated...Carter saved more lives with these rules then Bush's war killed.

I know you don't believe....Hit the link for proof..(remember that argument?..& no one tells me what to do?)
Look carefully at deaths on highway from about 82 on.....& number of cars on road...those safety devises were mandated by Carter...(at first, people did not have to put them on..later laws were passed which made it .mandatory to wear them, front and back Do you wear one? I do all the time. Today, about an hour ago, I got off the phone with someone whose life was saved by a seatbelt & shoulder harness. Stupidity has always run wild in humans.


Donald Trump is a "fool's fool"...Someone said, "Rather to be thought a fool, than

to open one's mouth and prove it to all"..Donald Trump said something like, "The virus will be gone in a few days" or something like that. Or, a "few will get it & then it will be gone."
...All Trump had to do was say, nothing, or say, "We will see what happens" or "We don't know the future, we need to be prepared for anything."
...That is it. Simple & clear. I don't know what will happen. And he didn't. But he had to prove that he was "smart" so Trump predicted the future and said it publically to everyone. All it proves is that "Trump is stupid and a fool."
...Donald Trump will be remembered for that statement, "It will be gone in a few days". Now and forever...

If Biden doesn't hold big rallys , and says he isn't holding them because of possible virus spread,

then Biden will make Donald Trump look exactly like the fool that he is..

To make a long story very short...Trump now has a clue of what is coming..

The rally that Trump said would be "great" before, turned out to be far less than great. 2/3 of the seats were empty.. Everyone could see those empty seats. Trump of course will blame someone else. (of course) There is only one person to blame, and that is Donald Trump and his performance in the last 6 months.[
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