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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 29,347

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Chicago Cop's family who was sentenced for killing, doesn't know where he is.

Evidently, he was beaten up in prison by other prisoners, then transferred, and transferred again. It is my opinion that cops who kill others, don't do well in prison. (Cop's name, Jason Van Dyke, convicted of shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times)...see story for additional details..


This video almost proves Facebook is in favor of Trump, 5min, 56secs

....I did NOT know about this until today. Friday 6/12/20 I am pretty sure that others do NOT know about this. Perhaps this should be spread around to others about Facebook. Also, this video just about proves that the owner of Facebook is a tool of Trump.
.... Watch the whole video and check it out. I don't need to support a ....tool of Trump... particularly if I can choose not to. Like going into a store, and not buy something because the owner is a right wing tool of Trump. I probably would choose to shop elsewhere. That is why this needs to be spread around.

Title of video: Zuckerberg & Facebook Refuse to Fact Check Trump"

Chicago Police Board President Attacked by Chicago Police: Chicago Tribune: June 5

I hadn't seen this story till today..


Chicago Police Board President Ghian Foreman said Friday that officers hit him with batons last weekend as they clashed with protesters who marched on the South Side over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In a statement Foreman issued Friday afternoon through the Police Board, he said he was not participating in the protest over Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, but “coincidentally encountered the demonstration when it became confrontational.

In a brief interview Friday afternoon, Foreman said he was struck five times in his legs with batons while going for a walk.

“I walked in the middle of an uprising,” said Foreman, who lives near the site of the protest

“It was chaos. It was a no-win situation on both sides,” Foreman said of the protesters and police.

In his statement, Foreman said the public’s interest with the incident may stem from his position working toward police accountability “and that it seems ironic that someone in a public-facing position could also become a victim of police aggression.

No, I didn't make this up. Hit link for verification..Yes, the head of the Chicago Police Board is an Afro-American who was attacked by Chicago Police.

Trump has shown his personality in ways he couldn't imagine. And he doesn't care.

...Trump's deepest feeling about everything are now out in the open. He is like the cop with the knee, Trump thinks he can get away with it. He won't because most of us despise those feelings. Like the cop with the knee, these attitudes are out there for all to see. Total incompetence when it came to dealing with what turns out to be a "killer emergency." Like the cop with the knee, as the cop looked up, Trump is totally sure that he will get away with it, just by holding a bible up in front of a church. Trump is beginning to become aware with his low approval ratings. Yes, 35 - 40 % will vote for him, but 60% will not vote for him
.. On November 3, after the polls close, he will become aware of other numbers. They will be far worse than his current "approval numbers." The con artist has conned one too many times. If Trump thinks he can win, then the only one he is the is himself.

June 9, 1980 is when I started going to Overeaters Anonymous..Kind of an Anniversary

After a year or year & 1/2 ...I lost about 60 pounds..from 215 to about 155...I have been at somewhere between 155 - 165 for over 38 years..In 1982, I threw the scale away, and have not owned one since then...To make a long story very short, I had tried lots of diets and ideas, but Overeaters Anonymous saved my life..I got the weight off, and kept it off for more than 38 years. Without the program and the meetings, I would have died.

.. At the lower weight, I have had all kinds of surgeries. You name it, I have had it..And I am still here to write these words..Writing these words is a miracle, I am very grateful for that miracle..

After a while, I started going to other 12 step meetings. So I have gone to AA, Emotions Anonymous, Co-Dependence Anonymous, Clutters Anonymous and others too. I have met lots of great people, & had lots of positive experiences & fun. Thank You for reading this..


June 9..an anniversery of sorts...June 9, 1980..I started going to Overeaters Anonymous..

After a year or so...I lost about 60 pounds..from 215 to about 155...I have been at somewhere between 155 - 165 for over 38 years..In 1982, I threw the scale away, and have not owned one since then...To make a long story very short, I had tried lots of diets and ideas, but Overeaters Anonymous saved my life..I got the weight off, and kept it off for more than 38 years. Without the program and the meetings, I would have died.

Record Virus Cases in Texas could hurt Trump's chances of reelection.

SouthernCal Dem ...posted this about "record number of cases in Texas in Latest News
(hit link below to see the story) ..source -CNBC


...Perhaps this news will wake up people in Texas how awful Trump is in administering this country. If that happens and if there is a record number of voters in November, then Trump could lose Texas. Now, this is not likely, but it could happen. Texas reopened early and the deaths and cases could (I said could) hurt Trump come November. If Trump were to lose Texas, not only would he lose the election, but his standing as an ex president would be lower than the deepest mine in the world. Lower than the deepest sea trench in any of the oceans. So low, that he would not be respected by any republicans anywhere. That indeed would be very low..and that indeed is what Trump deserves..

About Bad Cops, An Idea: "If it were easy to fix the problem, the problem would already be fixed."

.....Our country has sent men to the moon and sent pictures of them walking around. Right now, at this moment, I am typing on a machine that was "science fiction" when I was in grammar school. I have a car that has in it devises that were not even thought about 50 years ago. Etc, Etc, and Etc..

....So what is the problem with police forces around the U.S.A.? Why hasn't this been solved already?. I think the answer is not that complicated, but very difficult to solve. Here is my opinion on this: Competing forces within the community, state, and U.S.A make solving the problem almost impossible to solve. ... What forces?.........

..Here is an incomplete list: Police Forces, State Legislatures, City Governments, National Government, Community Groups, Different Political Parties, Police Unions, Lack of Funding, Difficulty in Changing Government, History of the Problem, Background of Various Groups, Media Influences, Lack of Knowledge about Solutions, Lack of Interest in Seeing the Problem Solved Over the Long Haul, Difficulty in Getting Laws Passed in Various Governments, and many more. (please add more)

..Various forces interact in ways that make progress and change very difficult. If one of the forces creates a barrier, and if that barrier (whatever it is) is strong enough, then nothing is done, or very little is accomplished even with much effort by groups to make positive changes in the situation. Last idea: Lots of forces, lots of barriers to change, difficulty in achieving change, and that is why there is little progress on this most important unsolved problem.

The Cross-Fit Guy, Cop with the knee on Floyd, & the cop who knocked over the 75 year old man....

...all had something in common...

...The three did not know that what they did , would in the space of 72 hours, have national coverage..(if not world wide coverage) They were also sure that ..."they would get away with it" (not worry about consequences)
All had something else in common.......

...Somehow, they assumed that this would be kept kind of private. (somewhat??) and it would not have that kind of publicity. And they would ..."get away with it.." You see, times have changed from 25 years ago. You needed a camera to prove this or that, and carrying one was difficult and some were heavy. Film, storage of camera, making sure the camera is ready to take the pictures, etc....etc...etc...The Cross-Fit Guy's conversation was recorded and not erased.

Now...everyone has one...the new cameras are called..."Cell Phones"They record and take pictures too...And I might add, it ain't rocket science to operate one. Is it?..Therefore, when an event happens, usually there is someone to .."photograph it", or record it.. And the cell phone cameras are ready to go..point and shoot..& you have a picture or video or record of the conversation..

In a protest a few days ago, (or was it last week) a cop knocked over a 75 year old man, Martin Guginon, who was standing there. The cop knocked him down, and the 75 year old, fell on his head. The cop is under..."investigation" and has been suspended. There are a number of different views of the "knock down" and the cop will not get away with it. And it is clear which cop knocked the 75 year old man down..Other cops did not stop to help as blood came out of his head. That is clear too. (He is still in the hospital, but getting better)

...In the past, there were not pictures to confirm..unless a photographer was there with a camera. Now there are tens of millions of cameras and photographers. (maybe more) Each is able to break a story and get their pictures published everywhere all over the world....As Bob Dylan said, "The Times They are A Changing"

For your information: there is a story in ..Weird News..about a giant undersea bug & its poop

credit to ......muriel_volestrangler No, I did not make this up...check it out at link below:

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