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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 28,511

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Holly Moses...32 Degrees...In Chicago Area..7am Jan 7...

A low temp for last nite..32 degrees, Jan 7..that would be an average temp low for late March or Early April..
Yes, this happens occasionally, but yesterday low temp was 40..We have had several days where the
temps have been 15 to 20 degrees above normal for January..usually our coldest month..

Average low temp is 17 at night and high is.. 28 in day.
Yesterday's high temp..55..oh well........

that is only 27 degrees above normal for this date...

No such thing as climate change..sure.......

7 Reasons America's Mental Health Insudstry is a Threat to Our Sanity

AlterNet....Bruce E. Levine


Drug industry corruption, scientifically unreliable diagnoses and pseudoscientific research have compromised the values of the psychiatric profession.

January 2, 2012 |
Why do some of us become dissident mental health professionals?

The majority of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals “go along to get along” and maintain a status quo that includes drug company corruption, pseudoscientific research and a “standard of care” that is routinely damaging and occasionally kills young children. If that sounds hyperbolic, then you probably have not heard of Rebecca Riley, and how the highest levels of psychiatry described her treatment as “appropriate and within responsible professional standards.”

When Rebecca Riley was 28 months old, based primarily on the complaints of her mother that she was “hyper” and had difficulty sleeping, psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji, at the Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, diagnosed Rebecca with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Kifuji prescribed clonidine, a hypertensive drug with significant sedating properties, a drug Kifuji also prescribed to Rebecca’s older sister and brother. The goal of the Riley parents—obvious to many in their community and later to juries—was to attain psychiatric diagnoses for their children that would qualify them for disability payments and to sedate their children making them easy to manage

At the age of four, Rebecca was dead.

At the time of her death, Rebecca had a life-threatening amount of clonidine—enough to kill her—in her body, according to the former director of the Massachusetts toxicology lab and the medical director of a regional poison control center. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy concluded that Rebecca died from intoxication of clonidine, Depakote and two over-the-counter cold and cough medicines that led to heart failure, lungs filled with bloody fluid, coma, and then death. Rebecca’s abusive parents went to prison for the over-drugging that led to their daughter’s death.

Kifuji’s fate? The psychiatric establishment rallied around Kifuji, enabling her to return to Tufts Medical Center practicing child psychiatry without any restrictions, penalties or supervision.

About Being at DU..Great Source for News. ..

This is more than a discussion board.
It is a great source for most important news in this country, (and much of the world news too)
... Good and Bad
Posters put up news as it happens, and we really don't need to go here or there. (you define that)
If it is really important, it will be here, in this discussion.. or over at...Good Reads..or at..

........ Latest Breaking News..........

Thanks to all that put up the news for the rest of us

Bachmann was used by PUKE BOSSES

The Puke Boses.. thought there would be a so called ...."fatal lull" ..if it were a Romney ..show all along..

... So the PUKE BOSSES funded a buch of less then knowledgeable pukes to keep things exciting. BACHMAN, CAIN ETC...

What the Bosses and Fat Cats who funded this , did not know, was that funding these creeps, and having a weekly show, would create a clown car that would ride through the nation, week after week, showing the rest of us, how wrong these people really are. and guess what...???

it is too late to call the clown car back..it is gone
..., the weekly debates are gone..but..
the memory lingers on..and on..and on..and on.....and on......
yes it does.. and it will linger..till...the first week in November

No matter how hard the Puke Bosses try to kill the thought.
....... most people will remember some of this spectacle..
......................what a show indeed.........................

and I believe..in November, most people will vote for Obama because..just look back and see what was,
...and still... is..the Republican Party....

Ian is correct..."Sure beats a ham Sandwich, don't it?

I officially lose my permit to tell jokes here..cutting off the last line...

oh well back to the drawing boards...sorry to all. please ... forgive me...

Where do I get emotions????...

yes..it was up here before...lost it..thank you .

Info for those living on a line, N or S.. of a line from Cheyenne Wy, to Chicago, to NYC..

Are you living along that line? Say one hundred to two hundred miles north or south of it?

Did YOU Know????

Did YOU KNOW What?????????????????????????????


That each afternoon, is now one minute or more...longer, each day till sometime in May..
.afternoons are getting longer...thank you for your attention...

now back to the regular nonsence...

A Rabbi and a Priest on a Trainride from NYC to Philadephia PA. #12

Message body

A priest and a rabbi found themselves sitting next to each other on train ride from NYC to Philidelphia PA.

After a while, the priest opened a conversation by saying, "I know that in your religion you're not supposed to eat pork. Have you actually ever tasted it?"

The rabbi said, "I must tell the truth. Yes, I have, on the odd occasion."

Then the Rabbi had his turn of interrogation. He asked, "Your religion, too... I know you're suposed to be celibate, but...?"

The priest replied, "Yes, I know what you're going to ask. I have succumbed once or twice."

There was silence for a while.....

Then the Rabbi peeped around the newspaper he was reading and said,....

"Better than pork, isn't it?"

A New Rule ..on reporting the news... Rule Number One

At any given time in the United States of America, there are over 300 million people. You can find any behavior of any kind from
those 300 million and report it. Any kind from the very kindest to the very meanest. From the nuttest to the most focused and careing. From the most reasonable to the most bizarre.,,
From the worst kind of lies, to the most honest thoughts. From the very smartest to the very dumbest.

If you want to report some behavior, just look hard enough..it is there... and it is ok to report it.

important addition:
This rule applies also for any country with a large population.
(or any country with humans for that matter... )

The ten countries with the largest population in world are:
China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia and Japan.


.mean and bizarre.. acts.. on and by ..children, pets, seniors, spouces, lovers, teachers, parents ex boses.. etc. Also include weird behavior of politicians of all
degrees on political spectrum. Please do not forget sefishness beyond reason. (usually.but not always, expressed and demonstrated by Pukes and corporations)

end of rule one.

An Old Guy Working out in the Gym...#11

An old guy … ok, a guy in is early 70s... and not in the best of shape.... (and sad to say, he looked it)
was starting to work out in the gym.

It was his third day, when he spotted a sexy and beautiful young woman.

He asked the nearby trainer, "What machine should I use in here to impress that cute young thing over there?"

The trainer looked him up and down and said, "I'd try the ATM in the lobby."

...hell at least I am trying...........Stuart......

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