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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2008, 08:45 PM
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In 24 hours we will have a presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party

The numerical possibility of Biden achieving the nomination under proportional allocation will move from 99% to 100%.

The thin veneer of pretense that Sanders (I) has an outside chance of getting a first ballot win or go to a second ballot where Super Delegates can overcome the popular vote will no longer be tolerated by any serious person regardless of who they personally support.

A small cadre of folks who believe that if you really really believe life can mirror a musical and groups can break out into dance and orchestrated song and that Bernie is not only a very sweet person but can also win will persist but even Sanders (I) will acknowledge the obvious.

Sen Sanders (I) will face the ultimate professional challenge of his life

1) make the decision to become a team player and make an enthusiastic and unqualified endorsement of Vice President Biden, or,

2) find an ideological pretense ("let everyone have an opportunity to let their voice be heard at the ballot box", or some other nonsense) so that he can continue to build a post 2020 war chest that will enable him to raise up a couple of dozen true believers to run against Democratic incumbents in 2022 primaries.

It would be great to see Sanders (I) exit at the top of his game with grace and dignity, but it is doubtful.

What is known is that after tomorrow this country will start taking a step away from the ledge of bombastic incompetence, aggressive self promotion and criminal greed.

I will stop waking up in the middle of the night with clenched teeth and a recitation of all the Presidential stupid of the day.
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