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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 11:31 AM
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The most important issue that needs to be in the national spotlight is CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM!!!

Why do our Democrats sometimes lack a spine? Is it b/c they are suffering from genetic defects? No, it is because they owe a special interest! Why do we allow legal bribery of our elected officials and Judges? We no longer have a representative democracy. Our media is complicit b/c we allowed them to consolidate into 6 corporations, one of which is one of our largest defense contractors (GE). We bitch and moan about Wall Street and the financial mess they created, but act like democrats have our back. We have a class of people (including corporations) who are above the law. No one goes to jail or pays a fine more than the profit they made from the crime itself if they are big or important! We must all do our part to bring this issue into the spotlight and force our legislatures to enact COMPLETE Campaign Finance Reform (CCFR)!!! Just imagine if our politicians did not have to spend almost all of their time raising money! Money will always find a way in, but it would help reset things, and at least make it illegal to bribe public officials! Most of the issues we care about would or could be resolved in a far better way if we had a truly representative government. There are now many disaffected Republicans who would support CCFR because they don't always agree with the corporate Republicans. Help bring this issue to the forefront and keep it there!

I believe when Fox showed the tape of the Rose Garden speech, they edited it to make it look

like Obama was just talking about 9/11, not Benghazi, which is their defense of the corporate turd!

It's funny how Republicans are always talking about the free market, and how Democrats are always

interfering with it, yet they expect Obama to weigh in and lower gas prices! Go figure!

I am technologically handicapped. How can I post a topic and add video so that it would appear on

the "Home" page?

Wake up America!

I had a depressing conversation with my mailman a few minutes ago. I like to sit on my front porch and work on nice days like today. My mailman walked up to hand me my mail. Today it was only the Time Magazine with a red cover and "HOW TO DIE" in bold white letters. I quipped that people do not want or need to know how to die, it just happens, trying to make a little joke. He responded that I might need to know it if Obama gets re-elected. How in the world are the Repugs able to brainwash someone who's job is in jeopardy because of Repugs, to support them? If we cannot find a way to open the eyes of people like my mailman, we will never be able to throw off the yoke of corporate control. If I had not been so shocked, I might have been able to respond before he walked off. I will catch him the next time. I am open for suggestions and ideas on how to respond to him specifically, and to the other misguided individuals who share his delusion.
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