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I think we can put to bed the "We have to vote for Hillary or the Republicans win" argument.

While I think either Bernie or Hillary could beat Trump or whoever from the clown car, Bernie does it much more convincingly. Hillary would mobilize the Republican base to vote, even from a death bed and have a tougher time of it. Trump would be able to use the "insider" argument against her, which in the 2016 election is a no no. People of both Parties are sick of the corruption. I still think she would prevail because the Republican field is just so bad.

If either Democratic candidate would win the General, it should just come down to who has the better policies and be able to help down ticket races. Hillary would be a drag here, again because of extra Republican animus towards her that Bernie doesn't generate. Bernie definitely has the better policies for Democrats and is a LOT more trustworthy in doing what he says. Not many trust Hillary to keep her campaign promises.

As far as getting their policies enacted, the down ticket races are extremely important, especially since Republican incumbents are up for re-election something like two-to-one to Democrats. Bernie also plans on directing and mobilizing his supporters to pressure Congress to do the right thing. Things like Publicly Funded Elections (PFE's)! Politicians are learning that Americans across the board are tired of being sold out since the popularity of Bernie and Trump would indicate. Since the object of taking the campaign contributions (bribes), is to keep their ass in their seats, PFE's will seem more reasonable. Plus Bernie will be on the Bully Pulpit banging away!

It's not just about their profit! GE for example, makes more money using their network

as a propaganda machine and a tool to influence politicians (access to airwaves) than they do off of advertising. All of them do to one extent or another.

These are OUR AIRWAVES they use under license from US! Publicly Funded Elections (PFEs) would take away the billions in campaign ads, not an insignificant amount, but more importantly, it would severely curtail their ability to buy our politicians. Funny, only one Presidential candidate is backing PFEs, Bernie Sanders.

PFEs attack the root cause of most of our problems and would be the biggest step in returning Representative Democracy. It would allow us to bust up the oligarchies in banking and the media, stopping most of the propaganda. It would allow for a total reallocation of our tax dollars to things we need, education, environment, infrastructure, etc.

Feel the Bern!!!

Let's pass a law banning any dissemination of the name, background, and motivation

of any mass shooter. Whatever some sick individual(s) would want to be publisized about his crime, whether for fame, or advocation of a certain point of view, be it religious, racists, homophobic or some other such crap, let's make it illegal.


I don't want anything this person wants to happen as a result of their crime to succeed. I would think that even the NRA would approve (I think).

Would you support such a law?

Just got axed from the $HRC$ group for posting a sarcastic comment.

I admit it was sarcastic, but I was making a point. I did not make a personal attack on anyone there, but I felt I had to do it. You see, they were all trying to justify all of the money she has raised with all of the expected arguements. "It's UNFORTUNATE that it takes a lot of money from campaign donations and Super Pacs, but..." or "it's naive to think of running for POTUS without taking corporate money because, you know, the clown car Republicans all have their own billionaires..."

"Unfortunate" "the others are doing it," please! I had to point out that Hillary with her name recognition would do fine on what Bernie is raising. She could still pick and choose her interviews that she gives, getting free publicity anytime she wanted. She didn't need corporate money to win, but she wanted it! They act like our campaign system is dirty, but what can we do?

Positive change doesn't just happen, you have to take some risk. Do they think the Founding Fathers said, "Hey, this thing with England sucks, but what can we do?" Hillary is a creature of our corrupt political system. She knows all of the wealthiest people in the world. She knows that she has to give a Quid Pro Quo for the money she is collecting, and it will be at OUR EXPENSE! That right there should be enough to tell you that she doesn't really give a shit about us!

I also have a problem with these groups, the HRC group, Bernie group... Do we really want an area where like minded people only can discuss what they already agree on? I am a Bernie supporter 100%, and I do like to hear from other like minded people, however, I am not adverse to someone else making an arguement about something I may not agree on. Example, some have a problem with Bernie's stance towards guns. I would not get upset at some HRC supporter making this arguement if that's what they did. I may learn something I didn't know before. I do mind snark and personal attacks, just not arguments on the merits. To be honest, sarcasm may have crossed the line anyway, but it was the best way that I could point out what they were doing, which was making a lot of excuses for Hillary taking more bribe money than anyone else in this election. They were clearly defensive about it, but we're trying to act like everyone does it and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It's galling when they act like we are powerless to oppose the corruption of campaign bribes when we have someone who IS DOING IT! Bernie would be a lock for POTUS if all Democrats decided that this was the election where we could return to Representative Democracy instead of going deeper into fascism.

Despite being here at DU for several years, the Bernie Group is the first group I have joined. Is it an official rule that you cannot argue against the candidate of a group if done respectfully and limited to an issue? I want to know if my being banned from commenting in the HRC group for violation of the rules, or was it because I struck a nerve?

My explanation of Democratic Socialism to people about Bernie's approach.

This is something many of you have seen before, but I find it useful to counter RW attacks on Bernie's label as a Democratic SOCIALIST!

In America, we bailed out the Big Banks and tried austerity for the people. In Iceland they bailed out the people and arrested the Big Bankers. Their economy kept doing well and we went through another Great Depression! The people come first, not corporations. Corporations are not people over there, they are corporations.

The truth about the Gulf oil spill.

Be sure to watch this weeks episodes of the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC. We met with Ed and his producers and let them interview several of our BP Gulf oil spill. Ed was shocked that even he did not know that BP has been lying about everything. Most victims have yet to be paid and BP sprayed the Corexit to sink the oil out of sight, knowing the harm to the sea life it would cause. Must see!

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