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Thom Hartman interviews Mark Manning, the force behind the BP documentary, The Rising.

Mark Manning, The Rising/The Road to Fallujah/Conception Media joins Thom. The BP oil spill was the worst industrial disaster in American history. But could the cleanup have been just as bad? A new documentary says yes - and we'll speak with the director.

Many people here know that my firm represents several thousand victims of the BP oil spill. This documentary focuses on the health effects of the Corexit/oil on Gulf Coast residents. I would add to this clip that BP used the Corexit because it actually doesn't disperse the oil, it condenses it into hard tarballs and tar mats that sink the oil to the bottom, out of sight. BP sunk the oil to avoid fines based on per barrel of oil. By doing this they can still play hide the oil and lie about how much was released. It also helps on a PR standpoint because they say it all evaporated.

The other big story not being told is what is happening in the civil litigation for the economic harm caused by the spill. I cannot speak about most of it if that tells you anything. I can and will say that this litigation has been corrupted by a huge $700,000,000 conflict of interest that should have never been allowed. Suffice it to say that a really good investigative reporter could bring in the story of the decade that no one else is reporting on!

I will add my thanks to Thom and Mark Manning for putting some light on a story not being told by any other media. BP spent a great deal of advertising money to buy off the local Gulf Coast media so they would not report stories about what was really happening down here. They also bought off the national media the same way, gotta love that "Free Market!" Ed Schultz did a story a week a couple of months before he was cut loose by MSNBC, but that is mostly it on reporting. Most people around the country believe there was a $20 billion dollar fund for the victims and they were paid years ago. That would be another yet another lie, there was never $20 billion in an account to pay the victims.

Just like in criminal trials where a wealthy and powerful defendant can get off even when guilty, they can now do it in civil cases too!
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