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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 11:31 AM
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We had 2 feet of rain here in Beaumont yesterday and still fighting to stay dry!!!

Harvey will not die, anyone have Buffy the Vampire Slayer's number? Maybe the guy guy from Texas Chainsaw massacre?

The ditch behind my house has been my mortal enemy for three days. It comes up and threatens me and then runs away for awhile. It tries to sneak up when we go for some rest. I am beginning to hate it almost as much as Trump, and that says a lot! My two dogs are so pissed at me for not making this go away so they can go outside and play, I caught them trying to ask the Mooch to have some wise-guy to wack me!

Harvey can kiss my ass we ain't giving up. Thanks for the support DU. Now can someone please turn off the spigot?

Please spread the word: Texas residents have until before September 1st to

grandfather their hurricane claim or it will fall under under a new more insurance company friendly law passed last Spring and signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott. It limits the interest charged against the insurance company from when they should have paid the claim to when they finally do. From 18% to prime plus 5% (roughly 10%). It makes it next to impossible to file in state court so almost all will go into federal court which can get stuck in one court (MDL) and tied up. Also new notice requirements before you can file suit...

Lastly, please notify your representatives to make sure the National Flood Insurance Program gets reauthorized and properly funded next month. The Trump administration wanted to gut it and it is already $24 billion in the hole due to Katrina, Rita, Sandy and others.

Please tell your friends on FB and especially your friends affected in Texas!!!

Thank you Texas Republicans! (sarcasm)

Just East of Houston - wish us luck!

I live in Beaumont where we have had one of the wettest Summers on record, especially the last mont. All of our rivers and creeks were full before Harvey. I have a large drainage ditch right behind my house that drains half of our town out to the bayous. It has never breached. As long as we get breaks in the rain it can catch up, but tonight and this morning has been non-stop heavy rain with no end in sight.

My 80 year old mom lives with me and is scared to death. I have flood and windstorm insurance which is great but doesn't replace all of her memories should this thing flood. My heart goes out to everyone in Houston, some of whom are friends and family. This will be a very long ordeal with the rest of the story yet to be written.

We will hang in there and get through whatever comes, I would just prefer not too much to come!

Anyone seeing paid political ads on tax reform?

I am seeing them anytime the TV is on which is admittedly not much.

These ads talk about how America has the highest corporate tax of all nations with of course, no mention of the tax deductions and loopholes that make our BIG corporations pay one of the lowest net taxes in the world. It is why GE and many others, along with the super rich and their maze of trusts and corporations pay zero in taxes.

Is there any group that can counter some of these ads? The low information Americans are going to be calling their politicians to tell them what the Donors have already told them to do. We need to counter this by letting the Donors politicians know we understand the game and will punish them for this at the voting booth!
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