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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 10:31 AM
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I'm an evacuee again! This is getting ridiculous!

Sitting in my hotel in Buda, TX.watching the Weather Channel wondering if I will have a house to go home to. I live in Beaumont, TX., which has been hit by Rita, Ike, Harvey, Imelda and several other smaller events since 2005. Climate Change is speeding up. I grew up in Beaumont and we did not have this happen much, never had to evacuate. Now we hold the world record for the most rain over 3 days, 67 inches with Harvey. Imelda tried hard to beat that record but fell short thankfully.

I want to thank everyone at DU for their support over the years. Malaise was wonderful giving me words of encouragement when I felt like the rain would never stop. It was like the hardest rain you ever experienced, except that it kept up like that hour after hour, day after day. The sound was so loud on my patio my ears would ring. DU kept me from going crazy since I could charge my iPad and Mobil hot spot off of the generator.

I will need that help again when I go back to no power, ruined refrigerators and freezer, and 98 degrees 95% humidity for a few weeks. Glad you are here DU!

I just found out today that another attorney in the firm found out his wife was exposed,

told only our HR director, and asked her to keep it secret that he was in quarantine. We have not been told when he was exposed. He last worked 6/25. On Friday 6/26 he felt ill but was not tested until sometime the following week. He told no one he was sick. He told the office today he just got his results and that he was positive.

The HR director said the “good news” is that we will be 14 days from our last exposure on Thursday. “Good news” that we did not know to be quarantined until the time was almost up? My 83 year old mom lives with me! I think I would like to freakin know he was exposed and sick! HIPPA means he doesn’t have to say he is sorry.

Let me ask you DU, do you think there should be an exception put into HIPPA concerning pandemic exposure related health information? What do you think of his actions?

I thought we are supposed to let the "Free Market" decide!

Conservatives are always throwing that out, "Let the Free Market decide..." Let's take them at their word, I say do not bail out any of these companies, they should have kept reserves for a rainy day and not taken so many risks. To always bail them out like we did the Wall Street banks in 2008, just reinforces their careless behavior. Someone would buy up the assets of the bankrupt airlines and start a new airline. Let the current ones fail. They all just received a huge tax cut and now they need help? F'them!

They want a socialist bail out, for real? What nerve!
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