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Our country has entered the dark ages and I am furious!

Most everyone here knows how bad COVID is in Texas. Our governor mandated not telling parents if their kid is exposed, no masks, just treat COVID as if it were a cold.

My daughter is a special needs teacher with a special needs son too young for the vaccine. She spent the last two weeks teaching teachers in prep for the first day of school today. Half the teachers did not wear masks. Two of the maskless teachers had COVID. They kept showing up but were now wearing masks. After a year and a half of COVID and we are still ignoring how viruses work!

The District did away with free COVID testing for teachers. Required them to work with COVID unless they had a fever. The only concession was a few extra days off before having to use their PTO time to stay home, which they were not required to do if no fever.

My daughter got sick Sunday and went to the ER to be tested (her expense) and she has COVID. So do almost all of the teachers in her class. The District was forced to change the rule to keep them home for 10 days. The parents have no clue that this is going on!

The disaster has begun!
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