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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Bush Barbie is Back! Survive lockdown with these top tips

PSA: April Fools Day is cancelled this year

As no made up prank could match the unbelievable shit happening in the real world right now.

Here is something to do while in lockdown

Use your various electrical devices to play music!

Roasted a turkey yesterday and put up almost twenty servings worth today

Roasted a 14.5 pound turkey and made gravy, dressing, and green beans to go with it. Last night my husband and I had an off season turkey dinner. Last night I split up the dressing and gravy into 4 batches, each enough for two meals for the two of us.

Today he cut up the turkey and we split the meat up and made sets of four meals worth to match the dressing and gravy. Since I prefer dark meat and he prefers light meat we kept them separated - otherwise he will steal my limited dark meat. We had about a pound of light meat leftover and packaged that in two batches for casseroles. My casseroles are usually six servings.

So out of this turkey we should have at least twenty servings, or ten meals for the two of us, all nicely packed away in the freezer!

No fancy cooking in any of this - Publix turkey, Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing (with onion, celery, and mushrooms), gravy (made with Campbells Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Celery soups, turkey broth, and mushrooms - and a tablespoon of soy sauce for color and umami).

Tomorrow I will make mushroom risotto since I got way too many mushrooms and need to use them up. I'll freeze that in batches to be a quick side dish.

Boy, did this needlepoint canvas bring a flashback!


The colonoscopy is over!

No problems with the vile tasting prep. The last time they had me take the entire gallon of stuff as fast as I could drink it. This time the instructions were to drink half last evening and the rest early this morning.

I dealt with it by adding only half of the water to mix the concoction, then as it chilled I mixed a flavor stuff that also included electrolytes and I froze that into ice cubes. For each one cup of the stuff, and a cup half of flavored flavored ice cubes and half plain ice cubes. Dumped the whole mess and made a nasty slushie. Froze my taste buds and I almost tasted nothing.

They found a few small polyps and I guess the lab results will get back to me in a week or so. Yay! Survived this round!

A message from Medicare about the Coronavirus

Just got this email which seems to be authentic:

You've likely heard about the Coronavirus (officially called "2019-Novel Coronavirus" or "COVID-19" in the news. While there isn't a vaccine yet and the immediate health risk remains low, Medicare is still here to help.

Your Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers a test to see if you have Coronavirus. This test is covered when your doctor or a health care provider orders it, if you get the test on or after February 4, 2020. You usually pay nothing for Medicare-covered clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.

To prevent the spread of this illness or other illnesses, including the flu:

Wash your hands often with soap and water,
Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze,
Stay home when you're sick, and
See your doctor if you think you're ill.

Visit The Centers for Disease Control website for information on the Coronavirus.

Now it's my turn for a colonscopy ***UPDATE - See message 21

BUUUT- it may not happen.

The instructions were to be on a clear liquid diet today, take magnesium citrate at 2 PM, then take NuLYTELY at 5 PM.

So I was reading the instructions on the magnesium citrate when they called to confirm my procedure had gotten to the part warning about taking it with kidney disease. I only have one kidney, having had the other removed due to cancer. I asked if it were safe for me and they told me to not take it.

Then I read the instructions for the NuLYTELY - even MORE warnings about kidney disease with added warnings about heart disease and fainting. They found the mass on my kidney while preparing to replace my aortic valve. While in the hospital recovering from the valve procedure I had a vasovagal syncope (fainted). I had another syncope after my back operation last March.

I'm waiting for a call back from a nurse at the clinic. I am not sure I want to take a chance on my one kidney shutting down, heart issues, or fainting if my electrolytes get out of whack. I gave them a full list of operations, medications, complications, etc. at my first visit. I guess even though the nurse who set up the procedure reviewed every single possible issue, no one checked the medications for preparation for it.

Minor rant - what's with medical providers and online health systems

It seems that every single medical provider I go to wants me to sign up and sign into their medical information systems. Maybe it's an OK idea, but if I signed up for them all I would have to keep track of a lot of them - family medicine, orthopedic clinic (that covers four doctors I use), cardiologist, nephrologist, gastroenterology, ophthamologist, and physical therapist - oh, and two different hospitals where I have gotten treatment!

On one level I can understand this, but at my age and with the number of conditions that need to be tracked, I can't keep track of all those website, passwords, and systems, much less check back with each to keep them up to date.

I think I will start requesting they ALL remove my email address from their records so they can no longer nag me about joining their wonderful medical systems.

RBG Says Trump Should Recuse Himself from All Decisions Involving the Future of the Country

By Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Asserting that his personal interests put him in direct conflict with the interests of the United States of America, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has demanded that Donald Trump recuse himself from all decisions involving the future of the U.S.

Speaking from her office at the Supreme Court, Ginsburg said that Trump’s oft-stated allegiance to himself makes it impossible for him to render unbiased decisions on issues affecting people other than himself.

More: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/ruth-bader-ginsburg-says-trump-should-recuse-himself-from-all-decisions-involving-the-future-of-the-country

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