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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
June 26, 2012

My second knee replacement is July 25!

Originally the surgeon said the soonest he'd do it was three months after the first surgery, which was May 15. But at my checkup after getting out of the rehab hospital he said I was healing ahead of schedule and we talked about when to do it. I wanted either the beginning of August so I'd be healed before my husband goes off to DragonCon or right after he got back from Atlanta.

The surgeon's office called today and the dates available were July 17 or July 25. The 17th is the day after our 35th anniversary so I told the nurse to schedule it on the 25. I should be completely self sufficient by the time my husband goes off!

I'm still doing physical therapy and they were talking about throwing me out after next week but I'm going to keep going at least once or twice a week through the next surgery to keep the legs strong. With the right knee hurting from all the walking I'm doing to get the left leg fit, I think having access to the machines will help me stay in better shape for the other operation.

I'm excited - soon all these surgeries will be over and I will be able to walk without pain!

June 11, 2012

The physical therapists took away my walker!

Well, not really, but they gave me a hard time today since I really don't need the walker anymore for the new knee. I keep walking off and leaving it various places around the house and even left it when I was out doing things Saturday. I might need it for the bad knee, though before we get around to replacing it. They recommend using a cane if I feel as though I need support for the new knee for now.

Progress is great - tomorrow is four weeks since they replaced the left knee. On days I have physical therapy I get a little swelling and heat but otherwise it does not hurt me at all. The only limitation I'm having is that the remaining bad knee is hurting more and more as I walk more with the new knee. Nothing new - both knees used to hurt like that.

The big improvement is that now I actually have one good leg to stand on!

I saw my surgeon Friday and he said I'm ahead of schedule for healing. I'm doing good enough that he and I discussed scheduling the replacement of the other knee. That may be as soon as the beginning of August but will more likely be the week of Labor Day.

June 9, 2012

Anybody Got a Bottle Opener?

These guys need a few!


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