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Liberal_Stalwart71's Journal
Liberal_Stalwart71's Journal
October 16, 2015

It boggles my mind that we black folk forgot about how racist the Clinton camp was in 2008!

I just came back to say this.

Stockholm Syndrome? No.

Bad memory and too quick to forgive? Yes.


In reference to MLK, Jr. - paraphrasing from Hillary: "It look LBJ to get it done, not pretty speeches"

YouTube of her own words:

Regarding "hard working white people" from Hillary:

The above includes Bill Clinton's disgusting remarks about Jesse Jackson's run for president. So disgusting that Jim Clyburn had to call him and tell him to STOP:


More disgusting racist Hillary digs at Obama (invoking Bobby Kennedy's assassination) after she knew he had been receiving unprecedented death threats:


(This incident led to the Kennedy family's endorsement of Obama!)

And don't forget the racist dog whistles from the Clinton camp: Geraldine Ferraro's assertion that Obama's race is the only deciding factor for why he is doing well--not his merit, not his talent, not his intelligence:


Ed Rendell was also despicable:


And Paul Begala and James Carville's behavior was absolutely HORRID!


Why don't the majority of blacks remember this racist crap from the Clinton camp? And more important, why are they forgiving them for their horrible behavior?

Note: I don't support ANY Democratic Party nominee at this point--not Bernie, not Hillary, not O'Malley, and certainly not Webb. None of them have shown me that they give a shit about black folks; they only want the black vote.

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